Author Topic: Chrono Trigger rated by the ESRB, headed to North American Virtual Console.  (Read 3393 times)


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It appears that that the ESRB has officially rated a Virtual Console version of Chrono Trigger to be released on the Wii sometime this year.

Though it presumably lacks any of the DS additions, it will most likely sell for 900 Wii points as it is currently selling for in Japan, meaning it is substantially cheaper than the DS version.


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The ESRB commentary on how they rated the game is really interesting.

Z & Ramsus, I realize I may have ported threads to "Site Updates" when they should be going into "Chrono News" instead. I'll reorganize as necessary when I get a chance; didn't realize that both "Chrono News" and "Site Updates" automatically went front-page until now.
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Will definitely be getting it this July.

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Wow, that came out a lot quicker than I expected! Downloading it on my Wii now.


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I just downloaded Chrono Trigger to my Wii.
I'm so use to playing the DS version. I wish that they had used the DS translation instead of keeping the old translation.