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Atash Kedah: Break the fires of hell!

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Warning! This story might be too awesome for your liking. You might find yourself growing chest hairs, tattooing your brain or even setting your soul on fire. Read at your own risk!

I thought I'd write a script for this in my spare time, but unfortunately I don't have any, which is why I give this story to the community here. This is a prequel to Alphard and Demeria and explains the past behind some known characters.

Era: Between the Pre-Historics and Dark Ages, before Zeal conquered all and lifted itself to the skies. This story is about the Magii Wars so hazardous that not even Magus or Crono could survive for longer than ten minutes.

Tower of Bad Dreams
Tower of Nightmares

When the Reptites were breathing their last a gigantic star crashed upon earth, sending a wave of omen across the planet. The planet was freezing, and nature called the coming of the Ice Age and the end of the reptilian race. The fittest who survived decided to explore and came upon a fire frozen in time, a marvel that even nature could not have associated with. This was the first contact that changed the course of history, because the first touch of this ominous light gave the humans everything. They had evolved. Every desire was unleashed from within their hearts and every dream could be harnessed at the blink of an eye. But the thirst for power grew deeper within the human race and each tribe declared their dominion. What drove their dreams were malice and greed.

Be it Zeal, Aracnos, Shikari, or El Grande, every clan had a leader, warring to survive, and had but one direction. But the Clan of Edehna were considered to be the strongest, thanks to Nodamus Edehna, High King of the Edehna Clan, and the husband of Abbyzou (Lilith when she was Human). He was the great foreseer who saw everything, both outside and the distant future. He needn't any knowledge to use his miraculous powers to KNOW things but either used sheer will or was able to see it with the aide of his subconsciousness. Like Cedric, he saw his powers developing and he saw war and chaos, the destruction of his kingdom and his own death; and like Cedric he wanted to change that. But unlike Cedric he was very humble in nature, quite the contrast to his younger brother Prince Adamus Edehna who desired the FF and wanted not only his own clan but the world as whole to tremble before him.

Nodamus had too much faith in his own brother and considered his visions "false", even when his own brother stabbed him to death, betraying him. He believed that future could be changed because he had seen it; unfortunately the desire of destruction on Adamus's end was far too powerful. Adamus then sought out Abbyzou who had run away and sent his demons after her. When unable to locate and capture her, he made an announcement: each day she doesn't return one of her children dies. Scared, yet rational, was she to call his bluff, knowing her children may perish regardless of her return, but in the end a mother was she and turned back, but had no more strength to return.

Meanwhile, the Zeal Clan has a new recruit: the protagonist Phoebe who is often laughed at for her insignificant power and compassion (which is revealed by her first inferior but loyal (yet wise ass) Imp named Vico. Dal-hun Bezalel was supposedly her mentor who taught her the arts of Magik and Swordsmanship. And get this: she falls in love with none other than El Grande's Rabbit King, the staunch rival of Dal-Hun.

But things change and kingdoms fall with the king. Epic wars, hope, betrayal, love, malice, sorrow, judgement, loyalty, survival and benevolence this story has it all! The only two spells that can cause devastation beyond hope are the demonic spells not to speak of the Phantom Break and the Atash Kedah. The Magii Wars rage, all to acquire the legendary stone which brought dreams to life, a mere rock that is responsible for the death of millions.

Sorry for ending the synopsis quick, but the post would be too long for me to explain everything in detail. @_@

Events: (NOT Chronological)
1) Origins of the Shaitan named Lilith. Abbyzou's grudge does not diminish as she has no intention of passing on peacefully. Her rationality fades away until she is a walking spirit with no purpose. Phoebe signs a contract with her, helping Abbyzou slay Adamus. Unfortunately, her interaction with the Frozen Flame transforms her into the malevolent Lilith, the Goddess of Death as we know her in Radical Dreamers.
2) First glimpse at FF granting immortality (to Adamus).
3) The fight and defeat of Dal-Hun Bezalel, the Black Songstress and the Rabbit King El Grande.
4) The conquer of Shikari (The Tribe of "Hunters"), renamed to "Shikar" (aka The Hunted).
5) The betrayal of El Grande by Edehna and Aracnos.
6) The destruction of Adamus at the hands of Lilith, while Phoebe dances as the kingdoms burn.
7) Norstein Bekkler researches on how the fragments of Lavos somehow interact with the Shadow Realm; First examples of dabbling with the powers of the Void and Spirits.
8) King Galifrum Zeal decides to turn his backs on the Shikari, considering these assassins to be too proud and powerful, and decides to conquer the tribe. Elder Fox counter-attacks by releasing a horde of Ifrits, the Demons of Fire which are also symbolical to the Shikari, upon the Zeal sorcerers. The plan backfires due to Galifrum's careful planning and his skillful sorcerers as they seal the Ifrits into the King's ring. The release of the Atash Kedah, powered by the cursed ring and seal of Ifrits, burn the pride of the Shikari. Fox is beheaded.
9) The belief of Norstein Bekkler as a child (all life begins with Nu...)
10) Phoebe's rise to Seneschal and the loss of her love. Nickname: Fleabane, a genus of flowers.
11) The creation of the first Golem by Dal-Hun Bezalel as he constructs creatures and dolls from earth, wind, fire and water, and ensnaring the spirits of the void to bid his commands.
12) The spirit and belief of the Shikari.
13) The research on the Sun Stone and the rise of Zeal.
14) The Contract of Arcmyst Phantom Break.

Character bio coming soon!

Pretty interesting story.
But some names don't make much sense to me, they are just weird. :lol:

This idea is kick ass :mrgreen:

Amazing. Never thought to write of the rise of Zeal. And it looks like you have numerous other stories going on here as well. Quite the grand picture.

By the way, loving the character names. What did you use for inspiration?

Interesting development going on here - lots of potential, and great room to have a lot fleshed out from it!


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