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UPDATE [クロノ♥ブレイク] Chrono Break ~Another Home~

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And I'm back!!!

I am proud to present a ♥love quarrel♥ in Guardia High...!

Serge recently enrolls as a senior student into the prestigious Guardia High School when he comes across two lovely Sophomore students.  One is the crazy and energetic student: Kid.  And the other is the sweet, soft and good-hearted Leena.  What is the connection Serge feels with these ladies?  Who will win the affections of our hero?!  

♥♥♥ Who will you be studying with~? ♥♥♥

(for those who don't get it; this is a parody of them Japanese Dating Sims ft. High School Shenanigans)

Serge looks as plain, oridinary, boy-harem-attracting as it gets.  ...I like his tie though. ;)

Kid has a ponytail...kinda looks more like who she's supposed to be, huh?

Plain and lovely, Leena.  I always preferred her over Kid!

Some screenshots...

You may now go  :picardno

Oh, I cant wait! Good luck with your computer!


--- Quote from: TheMage on October 31, 2010, 02:23:08 am ---Oh, I cant wait! Good luck with your computer!

--- End quote ---

How kind to post before anything was up.


Oh that is FANTASTIC! i dig Kid's pony tail, yes much more of who she is supposed to look like. I laughed so much, I wonder who Serge'll get :D :D

WTF Chrono Dating Sim? O_O HUMANITY'S DOOMED!!


*looks around, secretly plays it*


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