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[Lyrics] Return of Lynx - Final Confrontation

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After his defeat in Radical Dreamers (yes, RD, not Chrono Cross) Lynx is back in Chrono Break!

.... Okay, maybe. But no power all day today so decided to spend the day writing this song based on the theme Final Confrontation. Hopes someone gets the time to sing it one day (and I really need to work on my song/poetry writing).

Genre: Rock / Metal

Chorus| (Whisper) Bones of my enemies
Lie Scattered by the sea;
Soon you'll regret
Of confronting me.      (x2)

1.1|   Rising through a viper's path,
I'm blinded by the flame's wrath;
I've let you just walk away;
How I've been so careless!

Chivalry rendered futile,
For shadows are running wild;
With madness triumphed over guile
Only corpses lie fearless!

1.2|   Now odds are about to change:
The toughest have gone deranged,
Like fever beneath your flesh.
Your life-lines are traitorous.

An idea immortalized
Over lineage of sacrifice;
A revolution has realized
This holocaust so dangerous!

Chorus| (Whisper) Take a pledge to scream and wither,
Take a pledge for your demise.
Submit to the Forever Zero;
The Great Lynx shall rise!    (x2)

2.1|   Unsheathe your blade
For the final confrontation;
Embrace your dreams
And watch them shatter and die.

Your nightmares surface
As time has been enslaved and
Malice beckons
With its vindictive cry.

2.2|   There's no escape
From the chaos and the horrors
Seek no mercy
In this ruthless game.

Tear open your heart
Just to add to your misery,
For the world as you know
won't ever be the same.

Oh this is wonderful I love it! :mrgreen:

Thanks! XD I was gonna make this a duet battle between Kid and Lynx but bleh, I ran out of time. Spent the entire day finishing this.

I might make another song, but this time for Cyrus. That won't be in the Dream Splash though because it's got nothing to do with Chrono Break.

Nice ! Now we need music and a singer.

WOW... song sounds cool.
But the link to the music doesn't work anymore.
I would sing it... LOL


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