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"Project Unity" - Chrono Trigger: Episode I Chapters 1 - 4

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Thanks for the kind words.  And I certainly will continue the story at some point in the future.  I have a number of scenes throughout the story that have already been developed to some degree.  It's just a question of putting everything into full narrative and reciting the prose to myself over and over until I'm happy with it.

When the Dream Splash is over, I'll be reposting these chapters on the fan-fiction thread.

Mr Bekkler:
I really admire what you've done here, because you have captured that Chrono Trigger feeling while extending the universe quite a bit. I've been reading with CT music remixes and stuff in the background and could easily see this translate into a cartoon series, an episode per chapter. It's been delightful.

Heh.  I'm probably writing these listening to the same tracks you are.   :wink:  Thanks for the critique.

Hey, I registered just so I could read this! I don't often read fanfics, but I just finished Chrono Trigger a second or third time (before that, CC for the first time) and I'm not ready to leave that universe just yet. So I gave this a shot, and the first chapter hooked me immediately. I've just now finished the second. You don't know what this is doing for me. I could give any amount of critique (not a great deal, as the writing is very very good), but for now it'll suffice for me to tell you how much you've engaged my imagination. It's a whole lot. Loving it to death, and I look forward to reading the rest, however much there may be.

edit: I was led to the chapters 6-9 thread by scrolling through the news page, btw.

I really appreciate the critique.  Any critique.  It's sometimes hard for me to get noticed since my work doesn't really fit into the category of traditional fan-fiction.  It's a full-blown novel in progress, and the scope of this project can be off-putting for those expecting a quick read.

To this point, there are 13 finished chapters.  (Which now includes a stand-alone Telepod scene as the new Chapter 3 - pushing the others one number higher)  These represent the first "act" of Chrono Trigger; everything from the Millennial Fair to the moment when Crono, Marle, and Lucca return from their first adventure in the middle-ages.  You can find them in the fan-fiction thread.

I may be condensing the existing material into a single thread in the near future, as the earlier chapters are two years out-of-date and could do with some revision.


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