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Chrono Break Demo

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Alright this is my entry for Dream Splash, it is a small fan game i've created on RPG Maker 2003. I started the game when Dream Splash first started this year, and i've ended it about an hour ago. It is a small demo, but I hope that everyone will be able to enjoy it. There are many different ways to play the game, because choices effect future game play!

Here are some pictures:

 Link: http://img295.imageshack.us/g/alive.png/  (more pictures)

New Link to the game:

I hope you all enjoy the game, this is my idea of what Chrono Break may or may not look like.If people like it enough I may continue it as a fan game, but I will re-name it and i'll need help.Tell me what you think, also if you find any bugs or problems let me know!

walkthrough- (spoilers duh)- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ULW30BBM

wonderful. do I have to download anything else to play the demo?

Great work TheMage, I can't wait to give this a spin. Looks like you did some new sprites, or at least some frankensprites?

Oh yeah there's a few surprises in there. I did get a little Frankensteinish on poor Marle and Magus. :) Did a lot of new sprites and messed with a few graphics, i think everyone will be surprised at the map for 1005 A.D. as well. ^^

With out giving to much away you have a choice of playing either Guile, or Magus.


--- Quote from: Dialga_Palkia on July 23, 2010, 07:57:35 pm ---wonderful. do I have to download anything else to play the demo?

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