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Chrono Theory (Chrono series RP Site)
« on: July 10, 2010, 04:57:37 pm »
So, I'm unsure if this qualifies as fan work, however I truly created it with every intent of reviving the passion and intensity which was once seen in the Chrono series. Anyway, I've everything you need to know about the forum below. Enjoy:

Name: Chrono Theory


Activity: None (That's where you come in)

Admin/Mod openings: Several Mod openings, two Admin openings

As the events of Chrono Cross came to an end, we saw Serge utilizing the Chrono Cross element to dispose of the Time Devourer. Upon having done so, he managed to save Kid. He woke to find himself holding a rather curious artifact known as the Time Egg.

This rather peculiar device allowed for the fast forwarding and rewinding of time itself. Without any general knowledge of how the item worked, Serge abused it to no end. Constant abuse of such a powerful item allowed for a wormhole to appear, almost directly reminiscent to its previous location on Opassa Beach. This resulted in the shattering of the Time Egg, leaving Serge confused as to what had just transpired. Due to his abuse of time, three years have now passed since the incidents in Chrono Cross.

Kid was brought back to present time through usage of the wormhole. She has woken on Opassa Beach. She only wonders if everything has remained the same, not yet fully understanding that she has merged with Schala. However, she and Leah aren't the only ones who have shown up...

Familiar faces from Guardia have began appearing in El Nido. Though, this obviously begs to question as to whether or not Truce can be accessed through the wormhole as well. It can, indeed. However, visiting such a place in the past would surely rupture the timeline. Only those who have entered El Nido know of the wormhole, however they aren't sure of how to close it. Time is of the essence, for if the hole remains open for too long, it could allow many others through and thus heighten the chance of destroying the universe as everyone has come to know it.

Everyone from the Chrono Trigger timeline has shown up after having slain Lavos.

Other info: You can either create your own character or audition for an upwards of over 50 characters.