Author Topic: UPDATE #2! Chrono Break - Storyboard, Story, and SPOILERS (last pg)  (Read 14950 times)

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Re: UPDATE! Chrono Break - Logo, Characters, Exerpt, and Story! [w/pics!]
« Reply #30 on: August 01, 2010, 05:53:36 pm »
I loved the art style and logo, on top of what exists of story content. It really piqued my interest and left me craving more.

I'd say you did your job quite well, then, Dice! Thanks for sharing and I hope to see more updates!


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Re: UPDATE 2! Chrono Break - Storyboard, story, and SPOILERS (last pg)
« Reply #31 on: August 10, 2010, 10:22:12 pm »
I'm happy that this really caught a lot of people's interest. : )
I've always loved telling a good story too - maybe I should do children's books or short novella's. :P

Huzza, career determined!

I did put some thought into it - though no matter, I always feel continuing it would be in vain.  Having projects or games or whatever see the light of day is a PURE labor of love that I don't want to really commit to.  Especially since it would have "CHRONO" smacked on the title.  As much as I love the series, I'd rather branch into my own unique idea, rather than stem off someone else's.  I've never liked Fan Fiction (sorry - this is more focused on the sappy ones that is just about a romance between two unrelated characters, even if they are well written).

But the concept of the contest was too cool, and I fortunately just came off a high of beating Chrono Cross for the first time - and presented this.

SO.  Lemme indulge you know with **SPOILERS** I thought of that will never see the written light of day.
(readable white, since they're not *real* spoilers, per se

- Aria is indeed a Schala, in sorcery and all, but unrelated and inconsequential to the original one.  However, the plot was going to involve them (and somewhat show her/both of her fates).  Although, from her dimension, the Zeal family never came to power, their power is dormant, and highly powerful.
- Leon is from a far, far, far future.  The Lavos that crashed onto the planet all those million years ago not only affected the birth of humans, but eventually a malignant evolution where the future is bleak, humans have evolved into something evil, destructive, or just eventually die if their DNA is not strong enough (survival of the fittest).
- Destroying Lavos, as he had first come to the planet is the goal, to prevent the DNA change
- While, Chrono style, I've thought of multiple ways it could end, most are on the sadder end of things; changing the universe shows it's consequences.  But, yeah, even I couldn't live with that; I thought of a super happy ending too to make it all work out.
-Leon's "tattoo" below his jacket is rather marks surrounding his heart and otherwise; Lavos-Human-Hybrid-Like organs exist inside of him... apparently he was a candidate for time travel because he was far better off than other humans of his time.  
- Leon AND his brother were actually sent back to trace Lavos' origins, in order to eradicate him, and change the eventual future, despite the consequences on the present.
- While Lavos IS a large threat, I didn't see him as the "final boss" (been done...twice).  Rather, a known "good guy" will try to get in the way, mainly due to the drastic changes that would come from destroying Lavos. 
-  Aria is bloody at the start because this person tried to interfere by killing her/Schala.  Her being would be the one thing that allows the time travel to function so flawlessly for our heroes.
- Aria and Leon do have a tiny crush on each other.  However, try not to act on it (ladies go: AWWWW)
- Leon's brother, Darius, plays an integral role, trying to side with Lavos and even be his.."human ambassador".  Darius believes Lavos' power can be used for the better in the overall universal scheme.
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