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Chrono Break Conceptual Soundtrack

Archived .zip file - LINKS AVAILABLE AS OF: 01.16.2011
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This project for Dream Splash III serves not only to produce a rough concept for what my vision of Chrono Break might be like, but also to promote one of the finest composers currently working in the field of video game music: Yasunori Mitsuda.

I find it alarming how many people--even fans of Mitsuda's work--are unaware of his post-Xenosaga output. The fact is, he has been an active composer for the last decade, yet few seem to have noticed. This project is a conceptual soundtrack for Chrono Break where I, serving as the "music director" for the fictional game, have selected compositions of Mitsuda's and matched them to a rough scenario draft. The scenario itself is presented entirely through a tracklist of an imaginary game music album.

None of the music sampled here is from Mitsuda's well-known work--i.e., Chrono, Xenogears, Xenosaga, or anything else from Square. I expect that most listeners will be unfamiliar with the source material. The origin of all tracks can be found in the files' audio tags.

There are 50 mp3 tracks around 30-50 seconds each, encoded at a low VBR. They are spread across four "discs"--none of which are complete. I leave it to the listeners to fill in the gaps. Originally I had intended to add character themes, but decided not to--again opting to leave it to the listener.

Furthermore, all Dream Splash III participants may use the scenario laid out here as a point of origin for their own projects. I think that most will find themselves particularly inspired by the music itself, even if the scenario concepts don't prove to be interesting.

Most importantly, since this project is mostly to promote Mitsuda's work, the majority of the music featured here can be purchased through the Procyon Store at Mitsuda's official web site. There are a number of other vendors from which to purchase the various soundtracks sampled here, so let me know if there's something in particular you are having trouble finding.

Enjoy the music!

(tracklist reproduced below for archival purposes)

d i s c . o n e
01   Prelude
02   Main Theme ~Time's Healing~   
05   Choras
06   Fairground
07   World Map -1026 A.D.-
08   Thief Hidden in the Black Forest
09   Everyday Encounter -Battle Theme-
10   Gift of the Seasons -Victory Fanfare-
15   Seaside Village -Laikk-
16   Fiserhman's Paradise
17   Traversing the Eternal Sea
23   Defense of Zenan Bridge
24   Porre's Counterattack
25   Grand Cathedral Manoria
26   Back Into the Gate

d i s c . t w o
01   Valley of the Shadow Beasts
02   Risky Encounter -Boss Battle-
03   World Map -440 A.D.-
05   Beneath the Summer Canopy
06   Village in the Mountains -Randel-
08   Faris Passage
09   Grave of Heroes
11   Guardia Castle -714 A.D.-
18   Mining Village -Hiraat-
19   World Map -1300 A.D.-
20   Living in Paradise -Montegray-
21   Medina Stronghold
22   Theme of the Holy Land

d i s c . t h r e e
01   Beyond the Reach of Time
02   Ruins of Zeal -10,000 B.C.-
03   Serious Encounter -Battle Theme II-
04   The Black-Cloaked Man Approaches
05   Ancient Forest -140,000,000 B.C.-
07   Decisive Encounter -Boss Battle II-
09   Cave of Wonders
10   Village of Memories -Palodium-
11   Girl on the Beach
12   El Nido Archipelago
13   Trials of the Dragon Tower
14   Battle With the Ancient Dragon
15   Wings of Time -Corridor of Dragons-
16   Remnants of the Future
17   World Map -3045 A.D.-

d i s c . f o u r
01   Proto Dome -1999 A.D.-
02   Apocalypse
03   Will of the Entity
10   World Map -99,999 A.D.-
11   Desert of the Demon God
14   Sunken Labyrinth
16   World Incarnation

This is a kickass idea! Yeah, I know I need to catch up on my Mitsuda consumption. For my part, most of the games he's composed for since Xenosaga have flown under the radar for some reason. I was totally shocked to find out recently just how busy he's been.

EDIT: Ah, man, what a great listen this was. I gotta track all these down now. For my own purposes, I'm gonna make a list of the soundtracks you pulled from:

*Tsugunai: Atonement (OST known as "Ann Cinniuint" IIRC)
*KiRite (music/story project with Kato)
*Armodyne (was that a PSP or DS mech game?)
*Shadow Hearts I
*Shadow Hearts II (Jeez, the track used for the "Zeal Ruins" theme sounds like that's exactly what it should be, too)
*Seventh Seal (darn, never even heard of this! What is it, even? The music sounds great though!)
*Soma Bringer (DS action RPG -- released only in Japan, go figure)
*Inuyaza Eleven (a soccer anime!?)
*Legaia: Duel Saga

Am I missing any of the soundtracks you used? Man, I've got to check all these out. This was actually a really effective pitch for Mitsuda's recent work Jormungand.


--- Quote from: FaustWolf on May 16, 2010, 03:07:56 pm ---*Armodyne (was that a PSP or DS mech game?)
--- End quote ---
Armodyne was a tactical RPG for the PS2.

--- Quote ---*Seventh Seal (darn, never even heard of this! What is it, even? The music sounds great though!)
--- End quote ---
It's a PC title released only in Asian territories (Taiwan in particular, I believe), and that's about all I know. Mitsuda did about 12 tracks for the game (the rest was by another composer). Sadly, not all the music from the game made it onto the OST, entitled "Sailing to the World". Mitsuda's contributions are seriously amazing, and even led to a piano album arranged by Masashi Hamauzu.

--- Quote ---*Inuyaza Eleven (a soccer anime!?)
--- End quote ---
Actually, Inazuma Eleven started as a NDS RPG and has sparked somewhat of a phenomenon in Japan. The first game and its sequel have sold ridiculously well (considering this is an RPG based on soccer...), and a third game is already in the works. Here's a trailer for Inazuma Eleven 2, which features some great music. I expect a soundtrack to be released soon, and considering the series' popularity, I think we can probably expect a soundtrack for every game they release from now on. I just hope Mitsuda is forever retained as the series composer! ;)

Furthermore, the game led to an anime adaptation, which also marks Mitsuda's first foray into anime scoring. The score itself reuses many themes from the original Inazuma Eleven, arranged by Procyon Studio employees Mitsuhiro Ohta (for the more rock-based tracks) and Natsumi Kameoka (for the orchestral tracks).

--- Quote ---Am I missing any of the soundtracks you used?
--- End quote ---
Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner (2006), PSP
World Destruction (2008), NDS--aka Sands of Destruction in N.A.
Arc Rise Fantasia (2009), Wii

--- Quote ---Man, I've got to check all these out. This was actually a really effective pitch for Mitsuda's recent work Jormungand.

--- End quote ---
I'm glad you think so! That was totally the goal. :)

Wow, Mitsuda's first anime gig, eh? Yeah, the soundtrack's really amazing. I looked up the name of the series expecting it to be this, epic medieval anime, and I was flabbergasted to find out it was about soccer of all things.

Awesome work! I'm a little dissapointed though 'cause the tracks are only ~1:00 long
Good work compiling though! ;)

PS: It seems someone ripped the music from The Seventh Seal (complete, with not-in-the-soundtrack songs XD), but I can't find it


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