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Moonlight Reckoning - Act 1

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Fleabane series presents...

What is the essence of Chrono Break? It is not just an addition to a franchise. Not just a sequel. But a continuation, a feeling of EPIC-ness, that many reach out for especially when so many stories were left untold. How did this all begin? What is the mystery behind something that has happened yet was never explained? Often we forget them when our minds are satisfied seeing the laughter of our heroes echo under the azure of triumph. But often we seek to know, for there are many pages untouched of this legend, and the story is of course not yet over.

Flea, the Djinn of Crimson Skies, was one of the three Mystic generals of the court of Magus. Books can never truly be judged by their covers alone, and Flea was such a mystery. Behind those venomous smiles, those transsexual jokes, and that made-belief stupidity lies a devilish mask of shenanigans and deceit, and yet beyond that what emotions lie neither man nor Mystic has ever known. He was much fiercer an opponent than Slash, and much more cunning, powerful and knowledgeable than Ozzie. He was the Magus's Cherub, the Void Mage that even Cyrus and his men feared.

But has Flea always been a demon? Or was Flea but an echo of an identity far more meaningful?

Behold, for this first Act not only of the initial identity of Flea, but also the origins of Guardia, and a conflict that foreshadowed something much more sinister.

P.S.: Pardon the theatrics.

EDIT: I've removed this outrageously HUGE wall of text and put it in a properly formatted PDF (which includes the changes suggested by FaustWolf) . Download the PDF from the attachments.


Story by: tushantin, FaustWolf

Loosely based on: Crimson Echoes (by CE team), Chrono Trigger (by Square Enix).

It's pretty awesome that you're able to accompany your entry with art you actually drew from scratch!  :kz

Speaking of which, which of those characters in your headline artwork -- Falco de Faye (left); Ulfus(?) (center); or Cedric (right) was drawn the latest? It almost seems like there was an evolution of style from left to right, judging from the noses. I think Cedric sports a really, really cool nose.

XD Ulfus was drawn the latest. It's not exactly "evolution of style", but rather "style depicting the character" based on age and personality. Cedric's nose would be more pronounced than Falco's so yeah. Ulfus's might be different based on his origin. But I'm still inexperienced when drawing like that.

FaustWolf suggested some scene suggestions. The revamped can be found in Scene 4.

(EDIT: Wall of text removed and integrated into the PDF in the first post)

I wanna see whatever you have, but I can't quite figure out how to open an mkv file. How annoying, I used to be able to do it with media player, I think. I have a new computer, btw. I have to figure out how to install a codec and sometimes I don't like this process >_>;. I hope to do that soon.

Do you still need any voice actors, btw? Or have you got all your parts filled?


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