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Something we've needed to do for a long time is create a page exclusively for doujinshis, with publishing information, purchase links where offered, and images of the cover/back/sample page. I started a section in Fan Projects for them with Zephira and pandor, but we're going to bust them out to a full page:

(I forgot if the current archives are translated or not, if anyone remembers)

The points go like this: volunteers will be able to edit that encyclopedia page to create listings for new doujins. Put down publishing information as shown for existing entries, and upload samples of the cover page, back page, and a sample page.

We are no longer aiming to collect entire scanned doujinshi. We finally realized that doing so alienates the entire doujinshi community and also makes merchants more hesitant to sell to Western fans. We're limiting it to just listings, now.

We can get a collection started by using CuteLucca's old doujinshi section (extra links provided in case any images weren't archived):

This is all up to Chrono fans, so the sky's the limit!

Lady Marle:
Sounds like quite an undertaking... I'd love to take it on. ^_^ It'd be awesome to try to collect more too! I'd love more info if possible as well :) Let me know!

Ah, yeah, you'd just need to scan whatever doujinshi you have. I'd give you encyclopedia access, so you could add more to that linked doujinshi page. If you don't own a copy, you can always make a listing still, just without a link. (And if you do own it and scan it, just send me a .rar and I'll upload it to the Compendium.)

So it just comes down to having some free time, encyclopedia access, and a willingness to scan your collection.

Lady Marle:
Sounds like a challenge I'm up for!

How does one make .rar files and what program is needed to view them?

Oh, it's just a type of archive. You could always do 7zip or just regular old zip files. A lot of people use WinRAR to make RAR files. Lately, I use the program 7zip; the format is so much better. It really doesn't make a difference with image files for doujinshis, but for other kinds of info (text, programs, etc.) 7zip makes really small files.

I'd say just go with ZIP.


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