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December-February 2010 - Winter's Fragments Winner: Katie Skyye!

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Contest over! Katie Skyye is the winner and new poet of El Nido; congratulations!

Welcome to the 2009-2010 Winter's Fragments fanfiction contest! We're starting it early this year to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Chrono Cross's release in Japan. This year, the theme will be the Ideal Timeline after Chrono Cross resolves. What's the new timeline like after Serge frees Schala and the two dimensions become one again? Do some characters remember the journey? What's everyone up to; is Porre still searching for the Frozen Flame? Feel free to explore any of these fascinating possibilities.

SUBMIT ALL ENTRIES TO faustwolf (št) yahoo.com. He will acknowledge receipt for all entries to make sure your submission has been received. He is not a judge, but will forward the entries to the judges anonymously.

Well, let's get to it! Submissions end February 28, 2010, and judging will take place shortly after. Winner of the contest gets the Poet of El Nido rank on the forums!

Interesting theme this year! Bring 'em on, all you Poets of El Nido in waiting!


I am still waiting for the contest where I can put Chrono Trigger Apocalypse in.

I will try and think something up as the possibilities are endless. I mean I could have serge wear a blue hat, a red hat, or even a beret!!! It all depends now...

Is this limited strictly to Chrono Cross, or could Schala's actions have repercussions further in the past?  I have an interesting idea, but it would require a retelling of the story of Chrono Trigger to make it work.  Is that fair game? 
(Not that it matters, since I have no hope of finishing it by February anyway.)  :oops:


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