Author Topic: Background Artists Work Listings  (Read 3304 times)


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Background Artists Work Listings
« on: October 15, 2009, 05:31:15 pm »
If anyone wants to be a background artists here is where to go!!!

I will be posting listings of the works that we need done right here!!

So please submit everything to this post for me!

1. Zeal Hand drawn background

Description: I have lately been wanting to add some hand drawn and colored art in my animations and Episode V is where I want to make the punch in that category.

Anyway, I am currently looking for a sweet background for my scene. I am wanting someone who has real artistic talent.

The situation is that the characters are standing in front of the sealed palace (blue pyramid thingy) and it's a close up of one of the characters faces... Basically I am wanting a background of the sky, and the mountains, as well as Zeal Palace.

This is a night scene so if anyone wants to help, you will be getting a huge credit in the credits lol.