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It was inevitable, but we're going to incentivize to-do list participation. With the creative contests solidified and ROM hacking expunged from the Compendium, our main business is once again completing the site and making the ultimate Chrono series repository possible. Contributing is already kind of incentivized in that big, needed contributions (especially translation) are recognized with the award of Guru status, but there should be something beneath that, too.

And now we've got it! A bounty system. Each to-do list item will be assigned a totally arbitrary number of bounty points (or KuBodoLlar$/whatever). Complete that item with a post, and you'll be turning in your bounty for points. The totals will be kept in this thread per person, and will be updated with each extinguished to-do list item. The following ranks will be given out:

* Bounty Queen - Top contributor (will be changed to King for a male top contributor)
* Bounty Seeker - 2nd through 4th place, respectively.
* Bounty Hunter - All others
These ranks are voluntary, of course (so if you have a different one and would like to keep it, just say so). Point values will be listed in brackets at the beginning of thread titles for to do list items. Here are the rank images in order:

1. utunnels (22267)
2. Angerona (16900)
3. StarbeamAlpha (11500)
4tie. GenesisOne (8000)
4tie. nullpointer (8000)
5. Vehek (5887)
6. AcaciaSgt (5500)
7. GlitterBerri (4500)
8. Lorenz (4000)
9. kobun20 (3700)
10. Kodokami (3000)
11tie. Justin St. Charles (2000)
11tie. Magus22 (2000)
12. TheMage (1750)
13. Nagareochiru (1200)
14. Mr Bekkler (1000)
15. Radical Pan (900)
16. Kodokami (667)
17tie. FaustWolf (500)
17tie. Mauron (500)
17tie. wizzy0807 (500)
18tie. Machina Kyrios (200)
18tie. Zephira (200)
18tie. yaz0r (200)
19. testing123 (100)
20. someguy339 (100)

Historic Bounty Kings/Queens, ascending to most recent:


Cool! It's ON!  :franky

The bar just keeps raising... boy, I remember when you could buy three sodas for just one bounty point!


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