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Chrono series publications are predominantly in Japanese, and many of them lie untranslated. A list of items requiring translation appears at:

Bounty points:

Translated Text (CTP) (undecipherable portions from earlier builds) - 3000 points
Chrono Trigger V-Jump Preview Video 2 Interviews - 6500
Chrono Trigger OAV Manga (not yet scanned; may not be worth it anyhow or impossible to find) - 80000
Chrono Trigger DS Original Soundtrack Liner Notes - 4000
Chrono Trigger Ultimania Portions - 6300
Chrono Trigger V-Jump Player's Guide Stuff - 10000
Chrono Cross V-Jump Preview - 4000
Chrono Cross Ultimania Selected Pages - 18000
Chrono Cross Missing Piece Selected Pages - 10000
Chrono Cross Bandai Card Game - 2000
Chrono Cross OST Liner Notes Remaining - 2000


Chrono Cross Demo Dialogue - 2000
GenesisOne - Chrono Trigger Gamest Coverage - 8000
kobun20 - Chrono Trigger - Character Library - 3000
Lorenz - EGM dialogue in screenshot - 500
Lorenz - July 15 and 16, 2003 - Interviews with Takashi Tokita concerning "Chrono Trigger 2" - 500
Lorenz - Chrono Cross OST Liner Notes - 3000
GlitterBerri - Unique dialogue in some V-Jump 2 interview scenes and captions - 500

I know it's a long stretch, but I know a few people who may be able to help, whether it's as a friendly favor, I pay them, whatever, who speak and I believe read Japanese as well. And if they don't I'm positive they know some people. No guarentees, no hope risings but it's still worth a shot.

My universities Japanese club could do some of this perhaps...

EDIT: They want pay(which is fine), about 75 just for the Ultimania. Little out of my spare cash at the moment.

I've started working on the liner notes - at a snail's pace. It may be too difficult for me, but somehow, I'm getting enjoyment from it because I get to learn more about Yasunori Mitsuda. I still can't believe that he was only 20 when he started working on CT's soundtrack. That's unbelievable. I remember reading something somewhere that he stressed himself out too much and Uematsu had to do some final tracks.

I think that I will try my best to finish this short essay by Mitsuda regardless of whether it's going up on the site or not. It's just hard not to ask Japanese people I know to help me because I like games and puzzles, and translation is just like a massive logic puzzle to me. Too bad I suck at logic puzzles... what a way to get better XD.



What exactly do bounty points go towards (in terms of the member doing translation material)?

I know a couple of Japanophiles who'd probably like to translate this material.


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