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The Chrono Series Music Archive is a digital backup of all Chrono series music and fan remixes stored with Compendium site backups. It's maintained in the best quality available for each piece; at present, this means most official releases are in lossless, and most remixes are in MP3. The archive is necessitated by the rarity of much fan work and certain official releases, like Yasunori Mitsuda's Hopeful Weeds Vol. 3 (with two guitar-arranged Chrono Cross songs). The archive also archives sheet music.

Any remix, album, doujin, or official release that appears on the Chrono Compendium's music pages is marked for backup in the Chrono Series Music Archive. Given the rare nature of many releases, however, the Chrono Series Music Archive is incomplete. If you can locate these remixes, or the Chrono remixes and songs from the following doujins and official releases, please contact the site staff and your contribution will be recognized and added to the Chrono Series Music Archive.

As a reminder, we only back up the Chrono songs on doujins or official releases. All stand-alone remixes are worth 100 bounty points. All remixes from doujins and official releases are worth 300. Sheets are 2000.

Needed Sheet Music

* Chrono Cross Guitar Arrangements
* Chrono Trigger Electone Sheet MusicNeeded Remixes

VGMix 2 - Chrono Trigger

Zerobass - The Forth Dimension
positive - Saving Time
Zerobass - K-A-T-A-N-A
Level 99 - The traveler's tale

VGMix 2 - Chrono Cross

Blizihizake - Lost in your dreams #2
lionel_-_the_star_stealing_girl_simple_twilight_mix(Radical_Dreamers).mp3 (chiptune version)


* My Deadline by Personata from the Gekitsui King contest
* jrocks64 - Star Stealing Girl Remix
Needed Albums, Doujins, and Official Releases

* Super Tecnico 8, 7, 6, COMIKET SP4 LIVE, 5, Disk M
* Lunatic Gate - Time to Maze
* Indolence - fragile (Track 7 listing)
* B.G.M. - Live in Route16
* Square Enix Music Powered Vol.1
* Ebox - D.S.2
* The Button Mashers - Plugged
* Bahouse - Bruit de la verite
* Gourmetmania - Famicom Bento
* S·A·G, Analyze - - Live in... PROMETE DOME (track listings)
* The Spoony Bards - First Course - Second Edition
* AQUA STYLE - Final of Final -The MV Music 2-
* Hiroyuki Iwama - Kaion Shuga 4: Square Volume
* Undefined Field - TimeLess
* Rare Candy - Gotta Rock Em All
* Low-tech Son with High-Tech Chan !!
* EtlanZ - Best Collection Series Vol.16 Ever Green ~Tapestry of Mana and Ti
* Square Enix Sound Effect Collection 2
* EtlanZ - Game Music Silent Field
* NES BAND, Colonyotoshi - Nekketsu Dai Ongaku Sai ~Friendship for Gamemusic~
* Osamuraisan Selection vol.4 ~Rokugen Monogatari~
* Osamuraisan Selection vol.1.1. (also need CT track remixed identified)
* Video Games Live Level 4 Arcade Block Edition Mix Delta Ojisan Mado - Game Cues Super Famicom Best EtlanZ - Game Cross Over Next - extra.SQUARE vol.1 -extra.SQUARE vol.2 and also what songs are covered - ALLIANCE JAPAN - FAMIPPELLA vol. 1 - Kaion Shugi - Square Volume JMMIDI - Best Hits 1 IOSYS - Famicom CD1 JMMIDI - Winter limited Petit Collection '01 JMMIDI Best Hits -Ending Collection- Hiroyuki Iwama - Kaion Shugi: Square Volume 3 JMMIDI Best Hits 3 PHOENIX Project - Project ALONE Kairaku Ongakudou - GAMETAL Absolute Cycloid - RayTracing Project Scytia - Battle Field 2 Music Cafe Noel - FLOW JMMIDI Best Hits ~Battle Collection 2~ JMMIDI Best Hits 3 Ver.2004 Ball-shiki 5 Button Mouse JMMIDI Best Hits Battle Collection 3 ~The Last Desperate Struggle~ Compromised Productions - The Chrono Trigger Mixtape Vol. 1 JMMIDI Best Hits Battle Collection ~Complete Edition~ Ver.2005 JMMIDI Best Hits -Relaxation Tracks- ~Natural~ JMMIDI Best Hits -Relaxation Tracks- ~Prelude~ '05 M3 Edition Sound Paradise - Power of the Music - ElectronG - Denshi no Jii - Sonna Baka na CD vol,1 - Lunatic Gate - Battle Syndrome - Square Enix Music Online - Chrono Cross Piano Collection - SOU1 - Forbidden Gotta - B.G.M. - HappyBox Preview - JMMIDI - BEST OF BEST HITS - Tundra Hatsudensho - SQUARE no Naku Koro ni - Singerly - Xing Songs - JMMIDI BEST HITS -Ending Collection- Ver.2008 - Artificial Heart - Freedom Like a rabbit - GAME!! f-clef - Zenbu Miku Airedale, Yuji - HACHI-BIT Binal Cord - CLOISTER OF MEMORIES - EtlanZ - EtlanZ10th Anniversary Sound Memorial Data by Ton2 - E-Square Zephyr Cradle - Zephyr Violin Age-S-Age - Square Theme Arrange Mini Album Unknown Dimension - Games Strings Edition EtlanZ - LEGACY COLLECTION 01 -Songs of Crystals and Greenery- EtlanZ - LEGACY COLLECTION 02 -Unmei ni Yasuragi wo- - →Pia-no-jaC← - First Best - Yuji Sekiguchi - Guitar solo SQUARE ENIX Official Best Collection CD BOOK DENONDO - Character's Collection 1 -CHRONO TRIGGER- SQ TRAX Frozen System Records - Crystal Chronicle sweez - Pride and Glory east breaks in thousand - Ancient Breaks L.P. Doremiontan - Scandal Undefined Field - Fragment - Square Nubuwo - Vocal Pack London Philharmonic Orchestra - Video Game Music for Kids Doremiontan - Scandal II Piano Mamenoki - Playing Leaves Psyguy - Super Psyguy Bros. 3 Square Enix Sound Effect Collection 3 brokenbirthday - Video Game Remixes T.D.M. - Beyond Time Resonant Sound - The Farthest Memories II Get the Rabbit Out! - niji Resonant Sound - The Farthest Memories D201 - CHRONO MiXTURE Ojisan Mado - Game Cues 2 Under Reverse - Retro Game Music Collection Vol.I ALKALEIDO Sound Works - My Little Adventure Gourmet Mania - Famicom Bar OJV - Concert Super Nintendo @ Inoue - A Ticking Sound - Side Zeal EtlanZ - Best -15th Anniversary- JAGMO - The Legendary Symphonic Suite Materia Collective - Song Cycle: The History of Video Games karoake accompaniment EtlanZ - Game Music Battle Crisis D201 - CHRONO MiXTURE II OJV - Condert RPG Under Reverse - Retro Game Music Collection Vol. II Pulse Therapy - MECH-9624 OJV - FINAL BOSS EtlanZ - SUPER FAMICOM SOUND NEO @ Inoue - A Ticking Sound ~Side Glenn~ little white snow - CHRONO CHRONICLE OJV - Concert Evolution Atelier-Kiraly & erum. - World Mitsudaction Nestalgica - All Your Nostalgia Are Belong to Me The Square Enix Music Federico Dubbini - Chrono Trigger World EtlanZ switchworks - last hours Jazztick - Stage One Federico Dubbini - Chrono Cross World N!ESS - Ultra Hyper Grooving Game Music Vol.4 13endcard - END TRIGGER Square Enix Music 15th Anniversary Arrangement Collection OJV - Evolution 10 - 10th anniversary One Winged Engel - Chrono Trigger - Suite for Piano Kara Comparetto - Plays Mitsuda Opening Tracks 1987-1996 The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra - Chrono Trigger Symphony (Encore) N!ESS - Ultra Hyper Grooving Game Music LIVE Wayô - Across the Worlds - Chrono Cross Wayô Piano Collection Kaeru no Theme Jazz Arrangement (Another Edition) Overclocked ReMix - A Taste of OCR Volume 1 Ninshindo - Famicom 8bit Kukeiha Only Arrange CD CHRONO TRIGGER I-Chu Sound Studio - Akogi Lesson 2

Radical Pan:
I have a question: Are you aware that a Chrono Trigger Piano Score book exists? If you do and have it here, could you point it to me? I looked everywhere on the site with no luck.

In case it isn't listed, I believe you should add it, and this is the info:

^ Yeah I have that. I've owned it for who knows how many years... 8 years? Something like that. It's pretty nifty. Before I started practicing songs from it on the keyboard, I used to play them on the clarinet. Worked for me without transposing! You can still find a lot of the scanned music from it online just by googling.

Sebi_HxC:            This are de CC sheets from all the songs in piano                  This are for CT in piano

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Clic adn adpt a dragon (L

Radical Pan:
Good! That means I only have to work on CC's Guitar Arrangement, good thing I started from there XD

Gracias Sebi, si se te hace más fácil hablar en Español, puedes contar conmigo para comunicarte :) (I just told him that I could translate if it's easier for him to talk in Spanish).


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