Author Topic: Another legend of the wisemen / Flame (stretch)  (Read 9950 times)


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Another legend of the wisemen / Flame (stretch)
« on: May 21, 2005, 03:59:27 pm »
On the last trip, I had to ride in a car for six hours, so I bought the new Marco Polo book, which is combined and edited from the two leading books in the past by some guy named Manuel Komroff. Here's the selection that's somewhat Chrono related:

Quote from: The Travels of Marco Polo
In Persia there is a city which is called Saba, from whence were the three Magi who came to adore Christ in Bethlehem; and the three are buried in that city in a fair sepulchre, and they are all three entire with their beards and hair. One was called Balthasar, the second Jaspar, and the third Melchior. Marco inquired often in that city concerning the three Magi, and nobody could tell him anything about them, except that the three Magi were buried there in ancient times. After three days' journey you come to a castle which is called the Cala Ataperistan, which means the Castle of the Fire-Worshippers; and it is true that the inhabitants of that castle worship fire, and the following is given as the reason.

The men of that castle say, that anciently three kings of that country went to worship a certain Prophet who was newly born, and carried with them three offerings, namely, Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh; in order to ascertain whether that Prophet were God, or an earthly King, or a PHysician. For, said they, if he take the Gold, then he is an earthly King; if he take the Incense he is God; if he take the Myrrh, he is a Physician.

When these Magi were presented to Christ, the youngest of the three adored him first, adn it appeared to him that Christ was of his stature and age. The middle one came next, and then the eldest, and to each he seemed to be of their own stature and age. Having compared their observations together, they agreed to go all to worship at once, and then he appeared to them all of his true age.

When they went away, the infant gave them a closed box, which they carried with them for several days, and then becoming curious to see what he had given them, they opened the box and found in it a stone. This was intended for a sign that they should remain as firm as a stone in the faith they had received from him. When, however, they saw the stone, they marvellled, and thinking themselves deluded, they threw the stone into a certain pit, and instantly fire burst forth in the pit.

When they saw this, they repented bitterly of what they had done, and taking some of the fire with them they carried it home. And having placed it in one of their churches, they keep it continually burning, and adore that fire as a god, and make all their sacrifices with it. And if ever it happen to be extinguished, they go for more to the original fire in the pit where they threw the stone, which is never extinguished and they take of none other fire. And therefore the eople of that country worship fire.

Marco was told all this by the people of the country, and it is true that on eof those kings was of Saba [Savah], and the second was of Dyava [Avah], and the third was of the castle where they stikll worshipped fire.* Now we will treat of the people of Persia and their customs.

*The ruins of this castle are said to exist in a place about twenty miles from Kashan in which city fire is still worshipped by a small sect. See monograph on The Magi in Marco Polo by Prof. A. V. Williams Jackson. Journal of the Am. Oriental Soc., 1905.

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Another legend of the wisemen / Flame (stretch)
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2005, 05:18:17 pm »
Only thing that ties it to CT are the three sages. But the sages are based of the 3 wise men anyway. (as they are in Xenogears, NGE etc)


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Another legend of the wisemen / Flame (stretch)
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2005, 05:56:41 pm »
Also a frozen flame tie.