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Just a Lazy Port?

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Maybe the underlings in charge of the animation only saw the chibi versions from the Japanese cover art and their heads exploded so they just went with what they knew instead. :lol:

Still no excuse for what they did to human Glenn.


--- Quote from: V_Translanka on August 21, 2009, 12:02:07 am ---Like most of the PSX ports (idk about Origins though, to be fair)

--- End quote ---
Origins is a full-on rewrite.  It's probably what the PSP re-re-re-re-re-re-re-releases of FF1 and FF2 were based off of, though.

Somone just wanted too much from it, just like the majority of Smash Bros' so called "hardcore fans" that got pissed when they realized the site showed them everything Brawl had to offer.

The DS port was a good one. PS not so much(although I still would say get simply cause it's Chrono, but that's ME).

As for all their comments about Cross being crap and not worthy. You don't know Cross if you're calling it unworthy. Not as good as Radical Dreamers but that doesn't mean bad.


--- Quote from: V ---Still no excuse for what they did to human Glenn.
--- End quote ---
I thought Glenn just went Super Saiyan for the knighting scene...?

It's awesome that SE got Masato Kato back to write the extra plot bits for CT:DS (it was Kato, right? I'm not sure whether that was confirmed). If that's true, seems to me that the "we can't get everybody together right now" argument against producing a Chrono sequel loses some credibility. I suppose it depends on who you think the critical members of the Chrono Trigger production team were.

Either that or (not likely though)he literally meant EVERYBODY. Everyone from the creators ending, all those people to come back together.


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