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Just a Lazy Port?

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Recently, I happened upon this article about Chrono Trigger DS:


I don't know about you, but I very much enjoyed the new and semi-challenging Dimensional Vortexes and the Singing Mountain dungeon.

Still, how does this port of a past (and still amazing) Square-Enix game speak for the company's PR image?

Meh, just an angry d-bag who was expecting too much. It's an enhanced remake akin to the GBA ports (a little better actually because of added story content)...The PSX port was the lazy one. They could have done better, but I see the enhanced remakes as kind of being SE testing the waters.

In what ways do you believe the PSX port was lazy?

The anime cut-scenes (though not entirely canon) are far from what I would classify as "lazy."

As for SE testing the waters, I've seen their schedule of upcoming releases, and their yields shows that they still think the water's too cold.

Hitman 5 (What did the first four fail to provide the player?)
Final Fantasy XIII (Another one!?)
Dragon Quest X (Catching up to their FF cousin)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (Sequel, or port make-over?)

Like most of the PSX ports (idk about Origins though, to be fair), they basically just slapped the ROM onto the disk (resulting in those pesky load times everyone complains about and also sub-par sound quality). I was ok with the anime sequences, but their apparent lack of ability to stick with the original designs certainly threw me off. Then there was the rest of the added content which was completely useless as you had to basically beat the game to get at any of it and even then you only had access to it from the menu screen.

Not to mention they pretty much had Toriyama rip off his DBZ character design for the cut scenes.


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