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Dimensional Vortices, Dalton, Dream Devourer, and Magus

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What exactly are the Dimensional Vortices? I assume that they were created because of the Dream Devourer's existence, but how would that be?

How did Dalton end up inside the 1000 AD dimensional vortex?

Why is the Dream Devourer larger than the Time Devourer?

Is Serge somehow connected to Magus now? I had an old theory that Serge was actually a reincarnation of Janus, and Magus mentions something about some aspect of himself surviving and creating a greater meaning for his situation. Guile never realizes who he really is, so I'm not sure if Magus was necessarily referring to himself.

I don't think they're created because of the Dream Devourer's existence. I think that once you're through the Vortexes (i.e. kill those dimensions' versions of Crono, Marle & Lucca), you create a kind of secondary Angelus Errere that allows Crono & Co. access to where the Dream Devourer is.

Dalton was cast into his own empty summon...where that leads we do not know, but somehow (either directly or indirectly) it was connected.

Easier to render a smaller enemy in 3D?

I don't think so.

Maybe they were Flame trials. They had to conquer their weaknesses in order for the Dream Devourer to come in contact with them.

Yeah, but the names of  their Techs are different, which, along with some of the character lines when entering seems to be pointing to you being in an alternate dimension (& what we already know from Serge & Co. getting to the Devourer of Time)...

Wouldn't a Flame trial require you to come into contact with the Frozen Flame? Unless, of course, the Flame decided that it should create elaborate tests for these three teenagers after a brief encounter in the Undersea Palace.

I find it more likely that the strain of all their time travel, the other gates opening, and the Ocean Palace rising, tears started to form in the dimensions. Crono, Marle and Lucca all had heavy hands in this time traveling business (and they're main characters), so their memories/other-dimensional selves/whatever formed together better.
Lifting the Ocean Palace into the sky, completely transforming its shape in the process, Queen Zeal's apparent immortality, and the strange conglomeration of otherworldly monsters and Lavos Spawn would no doubt exert quite a strain on the fabric of time in the world. Constant use of the Epoch couldn't have helped much either. It's more fun to envision a CT world in which time is nearly falling apart at the seems like this, anyway.


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