Author Topic: Kid, but actually Schala without the middle stuff going on.  (Read 816 times)


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So I had this idea about what if Schala went directly to the "current" time instead of the whole Kid thing (both CC and RD).  I personally like this idea a lot better, where she would gradually develop from a meek victim to a heroine in her own right. 

So I started drawing some concepts of say, Schala appears in 1005 A.D and starts her own journey.  Also ties in with a fanfic I wrote wherein Magus trades places with Schala on Dream Devourer to save her, and so she has to start her own journey to save him.

As you can see, I made her outfit and weapons be reminiscent of Kid:

This is going by the "Magus sacrifices himself for Schala", but he leaves behind his weapons and items for her and she learns to use a scythe, but more of a "finesse" rather than a strength weapon:

A color pic, this time she has a staff:


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Re: Kid, but actually Schala without the middle stuff going on.
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2017, 10:11:12 am »
I like the Schala with scythe sketch the most. It also seems like something Janus would do, though he would probably be trying to free her and have a mishap (as magic gone wrong seems to happen to him). She sacrificed herself to save him, so I am not sure she would agree or even allow (if she had any control merged with the time devourer) him to just sacrifice herself, but I can see complications going wrong in a rescue attempt.

Also a Janus fused time devourer sounds terrifying.