Author Topic: Another Look at CC's 2nd Moon  (Read 3216 times)


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Re: Another Look at CC's 2nd Moon
« Reply #15 on: April 07, 2011, 09:46:11 am »
I like the connection with the Lilith dark moon theory that Thought added. Harle is, afterall, a potential love interest of Serge. Harle=Lilith?

But Magus22's theory throws a whole new twist on things! Lavos as the moon? Certainly Lavos is large enough, and Azala referred to it as a "red star."

Nah, not large enough really. Our moon is about 1/4 the size of the earth. At the very largest, Lavos is depicted as being about the size of a big city. Now, Lavos as a Comet would work just fine, since gravity would pull something that small right to earth if it got near enough.


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Re: Another Look at CC's 2nd Moon
« Reply #16 on: April 09, 2011, 02:57:18 am »
The problem with this is that the event that created our moon was likely *another planet* hitting into earth. grazing is unfortunately meaningless, since the gravity of both would pull them into each other if they got anywhere near that close. Also, this was ultra early primordial earth. It had oceans. There may have been life even, but we cant ever know.

That event didnt blast rock and earth into the sky, it *turned our planet into a ball of molten death*. That is what the moon spun out of. Everything that was on Pre-Earth was utterly annihilated. It wouldve had to have happend before 65,000,000 BC. For instance, in real life, the event that caused this took place about 4.5 billion years ago. Since the reptite dimension wouldve had the event happen at the same time, a mere 65 Million years in the past, it makes it very unlikely.

Ah, but CT has shown that it is willing to play loose with its "science." Such as having fully developed humans 65 million years ago, having humans coexisting with dinosaurs, etc. Clearly a strict analogy is impossible even for the seeming transposition of the Chicxulub Crater event; should we expect better for other features?


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Re: Another Look at CC's 2nd Moon
« Reply #17 on: December 07, 2013, 11:26:44 am »
Clearly a strict analogy is impossible
Bullshit. Fall of Lavos is like fall of Tunguska's meteoryte. Nuff said.


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Re: Another Look at CC's 2nd Moon
« Reply #18 on: September 02, 2020, 11:47:32 pm »
Man, this was the first post I made... Anyway, I think I've come full circle and back to the same conclusion.

The second moon is Dreamstone. A massive quantity of Dreamstone. I'll lay out the evidence why.

In the Keystone timelines (i.e. before the Time Crash), we see Dreamstone in two eras. First in Prehistory, where it is "rare" but still plentiful enough to be revered by the natives and used in weaponry. Secondly in Zeal, where it is used to craft various magical artifacts, each with corresponding Spirits; the Masamune with Masa and Mune, Schala's pendant with Doreen, and the Mammon Machine (with possibly itself as its own Spirit). There's also the Frozen Flame, which has decidedly Dreamstone-like qualities; it is most likely contained within the Mammon Machine as well since, in Radical Dreamers, " the precious stone was in [Schala's] possession" at the time of the Ocean Palace Incident, and her pendant is clearly not the Frozen Flame. Beyond that, Dreamstone is not spoken of, and Robo states he has no records of it at all from 2400 AG.

So with this, we can tentatively conclude that Dreamstone is disappearing as time goes on. Why? I suspect Lavos is the culprit since she enters the scene in Prehistory, where Dreamstone is most plentiful. And, I suspect, the name given to Lavos in the secret ending is more accurate to what Lavos as a species actually is: A Dream Devourer.

Now combining this with the original idea I shared 11 years ago--that the Dragonians created the moon. With no Lavos (i.e. Dream Devourer) existing in the Lost Sanctum timeline, it follows that Dreamstone doesn't disappear. And given what we know of the Dragonians having lived more in harmony with nature, I argue (though it is far-fetched and simply theory at this point on) that the Dragonians were able to cultivate and harvest Dreamstone throughout the eras with "a biological machine used to control the powers of nature". Eventually, this machine would, with such vast quantities of Dreamstone, become a "plasma life-form" and "a living accumulation of the planet's energy"; in other words, the Dragon God is also a Dreamstone Spirit just like Masa, Mune, and Doreen, with the second moon being its vessel.

It might also explain the vague description from Belthasar that the Dragon God "was consumed long ago, in the distant past... Integrated by the entity known as Lavos in a time on the other side of the dimensional darkness". Note he says Lavos and not Time Devourer (the latter part, "in a time on the other side of dimensional darkness", I think could just as easily be interpreted as Lavos' pocket dimension instead of the Darkness Beyond Time). So Lavos could be "consuming" the Dragon God by way of absorbing the second moon's Dreamstone (the "actual" form) while we still face off against the Dragon God's Spirit form in Chrono Cross.

And all of this neatly ties into an overarching theme of the Chrono series... Dreams.

Also the moon is fricking blood red like all Dreamstone.

EDIT: Also, if Dreamstone is the source of Spirits like Masa, Mune, Doreen, and possibly even the Dragon God, it conveniently explains the Entity's existence too: That is, the Spirit of the planet. Lavos feasting on the planet's Dreamstone is actively killing the Entity, hence the reason for the Gates so that we can experience the Entity's life.
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