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Chrono Fusion
« on: December 16, 2011, 12:45:35 am »
I am currently working on a fan fiction/ possible pitch called "Chrono Fusion"

The game takes place in an alternate reality where Daltons plan to take over Guardia failed and turned into a 600 year war. The cause of this reality is Lucca, in this timeline she decides to go foward in time to see the fate of Guardia. After seeing that her and her friends get killed after just 5 years, she decides to try and give Guardia a fighting chance. She decides to abandon her plans to make an orphanage and start making more powerful weapons for the Guardia military thus preventing the death of her friends. However the king is still slain on the first attempt of capturing the castle. Marle and Crono inherit the Kingdom of Guardia. Lucca finds a baby (Kid) but decides she has no time to take care of it, so she takes her to the
year 2300 to find Robo, She sees the War has torn the world apart but the people are in the safety of the domes. She meets a seemingly kind man named Professor Schmidt who takes care of the worlds children. At first he is nice, caring leader of the world. But then he realizes who Lucca is. Turns out before he reprogrammed Robo to be a slave, His adventures with Lucca is all he talked about. Schmidt mistook this as a sign of Robot Senility and simply reprogrammed him. However when Schmidt finds out it was all true, he demands Lucca show him the ways of time travel. So that he may go back in time and stop the uprising of his opressed people. She declines.

Lucca is forced to stop the revolution, She was being escorted by Robo and Atropos to the Truce Dome. (After battling through the gangs of Raiders of course) It is there she sees the true horrors of Schmidt's rule. The patrons of the dome were forced to mine a rare radioactive metal, many would simply die from exhaustion. Some were horribly mutated and were deported to the island of Choras. Lucca changes her mind and decides to help the people overthrow Professor Schmidt. And after she reprograms Robo the Professor is captured and Exiled to Choras, where he was presumably killed by monsters.

She leaves the baby in the care of the locals and is on her way back, Upon arrival at home she dismantles the Epoch and swears to never tamper with time again.

20 years later, the Poore army makes it to the castle again, when the soldiers reach the room of Marle and Crono's daughter Tempora they are surprised. Suddenly the child begins crying and a Huge gate opens up and sucks up all of the soldiers, and most of the castle, aswell as Tempora. Marle and Crono mourn the loss of their child. While Lucca begins to investigate. 

In the year 1602, the final battle of Guardia begins. Poore's army is closing in. Poore is put under the rule of Emperor Desmond; A sadistic sorcerer and underling of Dalton. It is up to the last soldiers to try and defend the castle. Ronald and Lucian (two brothers and descendants of Lucca) are leading the frontlines. Lucian is a mere strongman, whereas Ronald is a user of Fire Magic. Lucian leads the Tank Brigade against towards Poore's Castle while Ronald leads the foot soldiers in the battle field. Ronald uses a Rifle/Bayonet as a weapon, and wields very powerful fire techs. You must navigate him through waves of powerful enemies know as "Tech-Soldiers and Tech Warriors" who have a bullet proof armor. Ronald then tells his men that they must use the bayonets. After that you reach a strange hooded figure, who is watching the battle. He then gets into a large mech suit and fights Ronald, after this boss is defeated the cut-scenes continue. The Suit is about to break down but the Hooded Figure attempts to deal a final blow but is destroyed by Lucian's Tank brigade. Lucian is about to execute the hooded figure, but reveals that he has defected to Poore's army to help Dalton create the perfect utopia. Lucian asks Ronald to join him, but Ronald refuses and is shot by his brother, the scene cuts out with Poore's army finally conquering Guardia and its province; Truce.

Meanwhile in the year 12010 Magus has given up on finding Schala and decides to watch over the Last Village. Taking the name Janus and leaving his violent past behind him. The villagers refer to him as Sage Janus and listen to his every word. He brought the Enchanted and Non-Enchanted together, he trained them in magic and weapon combat respectively. One day a villager named Nathan expresses concern after a big blue thing in the sky opens up. Janus goes to his hut and grabs his Scythe and Book of spells, but his wife Rosa scolds him for grabbing the book, saying that she fears he will go back to his old ways. Janus decides to leave the book and only use the less lethal spells. Magus travels northwest and finds Dalton and a crew salvaging the wrecked remains of the Black Omen. Dalton sends his reptite bodyguard Reptis to dispose of him, Janus puts up a good fight and is about to execute the Reptite, when suddenly Schala appears. Janus tries to approach her but is blasted away by her. Dalton says that a friend from the future has turned her into his loyal dark bride, and that she is completely under his control, Janus passes out. He wakes up and sees his village is in ruins. People are fleeing while Rosa fights off waves of tech soldiers. She eventually sacrifices herself to block missile from a group of villagers, she makes a huge magic barrier but is still killed. Janus weeps over his fallen wife, before he goes into whats left of his hut and grabs his old garb. "Janus is gone, call me Magus..." the reborn Magus battles the Mech Suit and destroys it, sending Dalton's forces back into the gate. Magus finds his group to the north and tells Nathan that he is leaving forever. Nathan and his group heckle and insult him, calling him a coward. Nathan then decides that relying on the enchanted ones got them in this mess. So all of the Enchanted ones are banished into the cold. They are led by a woman named Medina, and they decide to travel east. Nathan then decides that he will make this into a kingdom, and declares himself king. He names it the kingdom of Guardia after his last name. He then goes into his new tent and reveals that he has the royal pendant, and it begins to levitate in his hand. Nathan is Enchanted himself.

Meanwhile Magus enters a gate and ends up in the Prehistoric times. Ioka village is fighting off the last of the reptites, who are dying from the cold. Ayla and Kino have a child, who they named Crono to honor the present day Crono who helped them. Magus tells Ayla whats going on and then she and Kino (who uses a club as a weapon) go with him after a gate appears over the Giants Claw. After sneaking in and fighting a Baby Tyrano they see the new leader of the Reptites; Azalo, Son of Azala. Dalton and the hooded figure are seen thanking him for lending them Reptis. and is told that he and his race are to live on in the new world that they are creating. Ayla, Kino and Magus confront the three. Azalo is prepared to destroy them, but is stopped by Dalton who says "Leave the blue haired one" So Azala just focuses on Ayla and Kino. Kino sacrifices himself to let Ayla escape. Magus is forced to drag Ayla out. the next day the Giants Claw is protected by a huge barrier. So they decide to go to the year 1000 to find Crono and the rest. They find Lucca and hear her story. They find out that Lucca smuggled Robo to the present time, and then Magus Lucca and Robo go to find Crono, who has been captured by Poore's army. They go to the castle to grab his Rainbow Sword, and they leave Ayla to protect Marle. Crono is about to be executed by the Tech Warriors, but is rescued by Magus, Lucca and Robo. He uses the sword to stop the Tech Warriors, but is then confronted by the Hooded Figure. Who Reveals himself. It is none other than Professor Schmidt! He is clad in a new battle armor and engages in battle with the group. Lucca and Magus attempt to hit him with fire, but he absorbs the magical essence with a gauntlet. Crono tries to strike him down, but Schmidt breaks the Rainbow sword to pieces and nearly kills Crono, But he is stopped by Magus. Who overloads his battle armor with Dark Matter. Magus tells the three to run and continues attacking with Dark Matter. Schmidt decides to retreat into a gate, but is tackled by Magus who ends up in Dalton's base with him. His base is located in a time pocket, where he will never age. Dalton reveals his team called the Time Stoppers. the team is comprised of Dalton, Schmidt, Emperor Desmond, Reptis, Lucian, Schala and Flea. New members will be added but for now that's all. Magus is put under control by Schmidt via a device that gets shot into him. Dalton reveals that he wishes to fuse all of their time periods together, each land mass will be connected by a chain. Dalton will rule supreme and never die, he will also be granted god like powers by the new and improved Mammon Machine.

Thats all for now.  this is merely a summary of plot and events. to see if people hate it or not, I will be posting a more refined script.  This is an alternate sequel to Chrono Trigger. Chrono Cross never happened in this reality. This will also lead into more sequels with the original and new cast. More Time Periods and more epic chrono story.