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Enhasa / Kajar
« on: September 01, 2007, 06:36:06 pm »
I've been looking for information about the name origins of Enhasa and Kajar.

Enhasa seems to means "Relationship Crash". That "Relationship" may be Kingdom of Zeal / Lavos relation. Lavos destroys the Kingdom of Zeal and "breaks" that "relationship".

From japanese...
En = Fate, destiny (between two people), relationship, bond, link
Hasai = to crush
Enhasai = "Relationship Crash"
Obviously, they cut out that "i".

Kajar is harder. "Ka" means "under", and "ja" means "snake". I couldn't see any relations between Kajar and snakes. So I've remembered that "ja", in japanese, is "じゃ". "sha" has a similar spelling, and in japanese is "しゃ".
"Sha" in japanese is "company". That makes some sense, as it lies under Enhasa at Kingdom of Zeal, sorta like its companion.

I'm not telling this theory is completely true, but still it's some interessing facts.  :D
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Re: Enhasa / Kajar
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2007, 07:45:08 pm »
Well, isn't Enhansa alone on it's own little floating island? Maybe something happened to it to make it that way...


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Re: Enhasa / Kajar
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2007, 09:16:12 pm »
Let me take a whack at this:

Looking at the cities' names in the original Japanese, they are written as "エンハーサ" (Enhaasa or "Enharsa" in English) and  "カジャール" (Kajaaru or "Kajarl" in English)

For the first: "En" can mean a lot of things, most often a unit of Yen currency (円). It could be used here as a general word for money. The second most common meaning is a garden, or park (園). This one makes the most sense. There are a number of other, less common meanings, including fate, as LegacyCrono mentioned, as well as salt, dam, or a false charge.

For the rest of the name, the "haa" syllable makes things tricky. It's not common syllable in Japanese; the most likely things I found are はあく Haaku, to grasp or understand, but the lack of a "K" sound in "Enhaasa" makes this an unlikely interpretation. Instead, we have the "sa" syllable, which is tough. From the very unusual sound of "haasa," I'd imagine it's not a native Japanese word, but rather a loan word.

Now, there was an Indian emperor named Harsha or Harsa, who was known for his support of Buddhism. He's considered a very tolerant and reasonable ruler, and was generally important to the spread of Buddhist religion. Zeal, with its distinct architecture and sitar-laden theme music, has always minded me of India, so I'm tempted to go with this one.

Based on this, I'd say the best interpretation of Enhaasa is something like "Harsha's Garden." Of course, this is only based on about ten minutes of research and could easily be wrong.

Okay, onto the next.

There are two ways I could break this name down: "Ka-jaa-ru," or "Kaja-aru." It could be "Ka-jaaru," but "jaaru" doesn't mean anything. As for the first breakdown, "Ka" could mean a dozen different things, but "jaa" only means "well, in that case" and "ru" by itself means "bend over." This doesn't come together in any meaningful way.

The latter, interestingly, could be interpreted as "冠者ある," "The young man (recently come of age) lives/exists." While this is completely grammatical, it makes no real sense as a place name, unless Kajarl was a place where a lot of young men hung out.

For meaning here, I'd go with another loan word, but the only thing I could find was Kajal, another Indian word, referring to a kind of ancient makeup applied to the eyelids, originally for sun protection. I wouldn't be surprised if this word was in mind when the Dream Team named the city, but as for the reason, I can only guess.


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Re: Enhasa / Kajar
« Reply #3 on: September 18, 2007, 02:39:42 pm »
Kajar may come from Qajar, the name of a Persian dynasty. This would fit with the other Eastern influences in Zeal.

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Re: Enhasa / Kajar
« Reply #4 on: October 16, 2008, 03:23:24 pm »
hmmm quite interesting
good research you did

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Re: Enhasa / Kajar
« Reply #5 on: June 01, 2009, 11:48:17 am »
Kajar may come from Qajar, the name of a Persian dynasty. This would fit with the other Eastern influences in Zeal.

It fits with the music also.