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Fiona's Forest Cutscene
« on: August 12, 2008, 03:55:22 pm »
Here's Fiona's Forest Campfire Scene as it is so far. It's not fully complete yet because I have this curse where I lose motivation on one thing then jump around from task to task. Yeah, everything does get completed EVENTUALLY, but at least task jumping keeps me from getting sick of a project and giving up entirely. Anyways, this scene isn't done yet, but as you can see there's a plethora of possible combinations. For convenience of reading, I have taken out all of the text commands such as {line break} and {null} statements.

Note: Any line that starts with ## is a comment by me, and is not actually said in the game.
*ANY* line said by Magus is only shown if he's recruited, unless specified otherwise. (pertaining to certain conditions, which are marked with ##)

## Campfire Scene Fades In...
## "Brink of Time" is playing (End of Time theme)
 (if I can get that Forest Ambiance from Radical Dreamers imported I would SOOOO use that instead)

{Robo}: After four hundred years of experience, I now believe that
Lavos may not be responsible for the Gates after all.

{Marle}: What do you mean {Robo}?

{Robo}: I have come to realize that someone, or something wanted us to
experience all of this. The different events over time, that
we have all witnessed. It is almost as if some "Entity" wants
us to relive its existence through us, through each of our perspectives.

{Ayla}: {Ayla} know!
When people die, elders say, see whole life pass by before eyes!

{Frog}: It is true that mortals do relive their most profound memories
before death claims them. Yet those memories most often are
sad and remorseful ones.

{Robo}: Thinking things like, "If only I had done this," or, "I shouldn't
have done that..." triggers unpleasant, repressed memories.

{Marle}: Will that happen when our time comes?
Will that happen when we...die?

{Lucca}: Sigh...
Probably...who knows?

{Marle}: there a particular point in time you'd want to return to, {Lucca}?

{Lucca}: No...not really...

{Marle}: I'm sorry {Lucca}, was that something I shouldn't have asked?

{Lucca}: It's alright {Marle}...'s just something I don't like to think about too much.

{Frog}: Nonetheless...Lavos seems to play an integral role in the life of
this Entity. Each era is enraptured by Lavos.

{Magus}: ...this "Entity" you are speaking of, who is it?

{Robo}: It is unknown, whose memories these are. It may be
something beyond our comprehension. Our journey may come to an end
when we finally discover the identity of the Entity.

{Ayla}: {Ayla} feel one you talk about is "Mother Earth."

{Magus}: I understand...
The lifeforce of all living things.

{Frog}: You mean...the spirit of nature?

{Lucca}: It is possible...
Maybe the Planet itself is alive like us, or it could be the conciousness of the
entire Universe itself.

##If Crono is present
{Crono}: ( {Lucca}'s on the right track! )

{Ayla}: {Ayla} think so.
{Ayla} hear cries of Mother Earth.

{Marle}: {Ayla}, you can hear the cries of the Earth?

{Ayla}: It say "It hurts, it hurts!"
Lavos very bad for Earth.
Lavos cause much pain for all.

{Lucca}: Do you think the Planet is trying to help us defeat Lavos?

{Robo}: Most would explain why the Gates appear when
and where they do, why they take us to the most useful eras.
Every period in history we have traveled upon so far, has all given
us important clues about Lavos's existance.

{Robo}: We know that Lavos landed on the Planet during the Prehistoric

{Ayla}: Lavos fall from sky!
Ruin Tyrano Lair!

##If Zeal NOT destroyed
{Frog}: ...and during the Dark Ages, he is under manipulation by the
magic Kingdom of Zeal.

##If Zeal IS destroyed
{Frog}: ...and during the Dark Ages, he destroyed the magic Kingdom of

##If Magus IS present
{Lucca}: He was seen as an icon by the Maougun and destroyed
Castle Maou after our little "misunderstanding."

{Magus}: ...

##If Magus is NOT present
{Lucca}: He was seen as an icon by the Maougun and destroyed
Castle Maou after our battle.

{Marle}: He's worshipped as a god by the Cult of the Blazing Throrn
during the Millennium...

{Lucca}: He ravaged the world in 1999 A.F. - "The Day of Lavos."

{Robo}: Which lead to a desolate and barren future in 2300 A.F.

{Magus}: ......
So...that's your story, huh?
To save the interesting...

## If Crono is restored, show all of these bits

{Marle}: Hey, what about all of the things Gaspar told us at the End of

##Ozzie's Fortress

"A fugitive in the Middle Ages,
Ozzie, maintains an evil hideout..."

## Quest not started:

{Lucca}: We should take a look in the Middle Ages and we might find Ozzie,
maybe there's something there that can aid us?

{Magus}: ...
Ozzie probably has some rarity or other trinket of great value.

## Met Ozzie at the Entrance:

{Lucca}: We should go back to the Middle Ages and check out Ozzie's
Fortress. Maybe there's something there that can help us?

{Magus}: ...
Ozzie probably has some rarity or other trinket of great value.

## Defeated Ozzie:

{Frog}: Ozzie fought well, but was vain in striving against us.

{Robo}: Indeed. We have aquired many treasures from his Lair that may aid
us in the battle against Lavos.

##Genocide Dome

{"1}There's a task to be done in the
Future, where machinery originated.{"2}

## Quest not started:

{Robo}: ......
If there's an origin of machinery, that may mean that there's others
like me.

## Quest Completed:

{Robo}: The machines of my era were corrupted, but nonetheless the items
obtained from that quest has aided us much in our journey.
...and I, Robo, shall never forget you Atropos, your memory will live
on within me for as long my systems function!

##Sun Stone:

   {"1}And there's a very special stone
that can shine its light on each
generation, from the distant past
to the far future...{"2}

## Quest not started:

{Marle}: Could it be...the Sunstone?

{Ayla}: {Marle}, maybe you right!
But, how we find?

{Robo}: When Lavos ravaged the Kingdom of Zeal, the Temple of Sol
fell from the sky and sank to the bottom of the ocean.

{Lucca}: Maybe the Temple resurfaces in a later era, say the future?

{Frog}: That's possible...

## Defeated Soul of Sol and got the Moonstone


## Left Moonstone at (Primeval) Sun Keep


## Found out the Moonstone is gone

{Lucca}: The Moonstone is missing...
could it be somewhere in this era?

## Retrieved Moonstone from Porre Mayor


## Made Wondershot w/ Sunstone (& R'bow Shell quest not done)

{Lucca}: The Sunstone we recovered is very powerful, there may yet a
way to further utilize it's potential.

## Made Wondershot w/ Sunstone (& R'bow Shell quest done)

{Lucca}: The Sunstone we recovered is very powerful.

##Northern Ruins:

{"1}There's the ghost of a lofty knight,
slain by {Magus} in the Middle Ages,
who haunts the present...{"2}

## Quest not started:

{Frog}: The ghost that haunts the Northern Ruins...
...could it be...Cyrus?

## Obtained Tools:

{Frog}: We should give these tools to the carpenter in Choras Village.
Maybe they'll repair the ruins?

## Retored part of Northern Ruins:

{Frog}: We should have the carpenter complete the Northern Ruins...

## Frog gained Mastery of the Masamune:

{Frog}: It brings great joy to my heart knowing that Cyrus can rest.

   ## Magus present
      ...and joining forces with {Magus} at that!

   {Magus}: ...{delay 04}

   ## Magus defeated
   ...and knowing that I avenged him by defeating {Magus}.

Rainbow Shell:

##Rainbow Shell:

{"1}There's an object in the Middle Ages
that sparkles like a rainbow...{"2}

## Quest not started:

{Marle}: Hey! That's gotta be the legendary Rainbow Shell!
I remember some people in Zeal were talking about it.
Something about the Guru of Life could make awesome itmes with that
and the SunStone.

Say, wasn't Toma looking for the Shell at one time?

{Lucca}: Yeah, but how would we even find him?

{Frog}: Heh. He's probably at tavern pub, drinkin' sake!
Pubs are all he's good at finding.

## Went to Guardia Castle:
## Gave Jerky to King:
## Obtained Toma's Sake:
## Poured Toma's Sake on Gravestone:
## Stored Rainbow Shell at G. Castle:
## Defeated Yakra:
## Combined Rainbow Shell w/ Sunstone:

Marle: We still have this PrismShard...
   What could we do with it?

I feel that there's something else...

##Searing Chasm

"A burning catacomb, filled to the brim with primeval darkness...
 but gleaming with thousands of shining beauties..."

## Quest not started:

Ayla: ......! I know! I know!
Marle: What is it Ayla?
Ayla: There a place with lots of shiny! Shiny Shiny!
Lucca: That sounds like a lot of shiny.
   What could this mean?
Robo: Where is this place with lots of shiny Ayla?
Ayla: Deep in the Valley of Giants,
   past old Tyrano Lair. It's See-ring Ka-summ
Frog: Searing Chasm?
Ayla: Yeah! Lot's of shiny there!
Lucca: Wait... lot's of shiny...gems?
   "Searing Chasm", Ayla... is
   this place really hot inside?
Ayla: Yeah! Lava EVERYWHERE!
   Must be careful there!
Robo: So, a regular inferno.
   Gems being forged by extreme heat.
Frog: A quite unpleasant sounding place...
  Though these gems may be of use.

## Quest completed:


##Black Omen:

{Frog}: There is still the Black Omen that floats above the world.
What of it? What does it do?

{Magus}: The Black Omen is the Ocean Palace "mother"
is responsible for its existance...

{Robo}: The Omen is connected with may serve as an power
amplifier or another method of ensuring his rise in 1999 A.F.

{Lucca}: But nothing changed in the future! Lavos still destroyed
the world and survivors are still around like they were before.
What's different?


{Marle}: Huh?

{Ayla}: What you mean, {Frog}?

{Frog}: Now that I think about it, everyone else accepts the Black
Omen's existance as always being there.
...but WE don't remember the Black Omen like that, due to our memory
versus the time distortion. Besides...

{Frog}: ...whatever foul darkness Lavos has plagued her mind with,
Queen Zeal is no fool. She knows we survived Zeal's destruction.
She knows what we are capable of and that we are a threat to Lavos,
no matter her blustering to the contrary.

{Magus}: I hate to say it, but the frog here is "mother",
as much of a fool as she may be... still smart enough to be able recognize any threat coming
her way. There's no doubt that she will be ready for us.

{Marle}: Oh great... So this means that Lavos is gonna
be stronger than ever?

{Lucca}: Looks that way.

{Robo}: I would not panic just yet, {Marle}.
The Black Omen may merely serve to focus Lavos' power...if we
were to destroy it... It should weaken him enough so that
we may be able to defeat him!

{Frog}: I feel that {Robo} is right...
and in any case, we have Mother Earth herself on our side!

{Ayla}: {Ayla} fight for Mother Earth!
{Ayla} no lose!

{Marle}: I sure hope you're right...

## No matter what:

{Lucca}: Well, that about does it {Robo},
for the maintanence. You're good as new.

{Robo}: Thank you {Lucca}, I never thought
I would get that sand out of my circuitry.

{Lucca}: Yaaaaawwwwwwn.
Well, I'm beat. What time is it?

{Robo}: The time now is 2:53 a.m.
It is getting quite late.

{Frog}: Shall we turn in for the night?

{Marle}:'d be best.
It's been a long day...

{Lucca}: Goodnight, everyone!

{Marle}: Goodnight, {Crono}!
   ( Sweet dreams... )

{Magus}: ......
   ( Night...a time to reflect... )

## Fade out ##

(after Lucca Get's up)

{Lucca}: Huh...?
What's going on?
What's that sound?

{Lucca}: It's coming from...there?

## If Lucca checks Marle & Crono is present

{Lucca}: ( They're both fast asleep and tranquil next to one another...
They'll probably make a really good couple... )

## If Lucca checks Marle, Crono isn't present

{Lucca}: ( Poor {Marle}... )

## If Lucca checks Robo

{Lucca}: ( Repairing him was alot of work... I'm glad that's over with. )

## If Lucca checks Frog

{Lucca}: ( He's sound asleep. )

## If Lucca checks Ayla

{Lucca}: ( Poor neanderthal, probably doesn't even understand even half
of what's going on. )

## If Lucca checks Magus

{Magus}: ...

## ...and as soon as Lucca tries to walk past Magus

{Magus}: ......
Going somewhere?

{Lucca}: {Magus}, do you EVER sleep?

{Magus}: Better hurry up, or you might miss your chance...

...and there you have it. I'll finish this after I'm done with Ayla's Quest.
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Re: Fiona's Forest Cutscene
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Thank you!