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C99's playthrough
« on: May 08, 2009, 10:18:23 pm »
Alright, just played through the Prologue. I posted a bunch of bugs in the bug submission site, and I've kept some for here either because they're easier to show with pictures or because they might need feedback. (I suppose I should post here rather than the beta-testing subforum since the latest builds are private.)

Mapping bugs:

1. Priority issues (the top of Crono's hair; for the Hero's Gallery this happens under all the pillars)

2. Wrong tiles in front of Crono (you can see some fountain water):

3. The wall tiles on the bottom half of the screen (so on the left, down, and right) seem to be missing. They should have a brown line on their edge.

4. Priority issue on the white edge in front of Crono (same issue on the leftmost edge)

5. The solidity of Toma's Shrine should be moved north one subtile (to match the solidity of the other buildings of this type)

6. There's a solid tile on Crono's foot.

7. The bottom wall, the table and the woman should be moved up one tile because of the black bar partially hiding the entrance.

8. You can see the outline of other rooms on the right (first pic) and left (second pic):


1. I'm not sure, how difficult would it be to make the auctioneer use the right article?

2. "Walking Dead" situation: I bought a bunch of things in Guardia, Porre and Choras and I ended up in Medina with 9G. The return trip to Truce costs 10G, so I was basically stuck, with no possibility of progress, as there's no battle zone in Medina (there's one Green Imp in the auxiliary but he's too powerful and doesn't respawn). I managed to get the 10G by selling Tonics, but this situation could potentially be a showstopper of sorts. Maybe the return trip could just be free.

3. ...and if we make the Truce return trip free, the Choras trip should probably cost something or the Medina Ticket Office would go bankrupt really fast.

Red herrings

We have quite a lot of these in the Prologue, due to ideas from the demo that were never executed or due to plot revisions. Some of these lines don't necessarily have to be changed, but I'll list them all for information:

1. ???

2. Scrapped Epoch room

3. There are kind of obvious hints that Ozzie VIII got trapped in the Rock of Medina. Was freeing him meant to be a sidequest that was never implemented or is this just a humorous bit of backstory?

4. That book is in the Vanguard Library precisely. Were we meant to bring him the book?

5. Yeah, why did he flee here actually?


1. In the Mayor's Manor, remove the fake save point and have the guy near it say something like "Melchior's Hut is west of Medina. I repeat, west of Medina. You know, that village with Mystics in it?!" or something more humorous. This is a jab at people constantly asking about its location on GameFAQs.

2. Maybe Gato could be in Lucca's house? One of the two "balconies" of the main room would be a good spot.

3. Does she live IN the Cathedral? And also, should we change the year to some time earlier, considering Crono and Marle's wedding occured in that cathedral? It depends on when we want them to have gotten married ("a year ago" was 1001 AD in the old builds).

3. Is he talking about the guy selling things on the left (not visible in this pic)? That's not really a shop then. Perhaps he should moved to the Choras Museum (second pic) acting as a souvenir seller. We'd add a small booth in that empty room and adjust the father's sentence.

4. The Chancellor's appearance was removed at the end of the Guardia meeting. Was there an issue with it in terms of pacing or something else? The Chancellor not showing up even though the Porreans expected him seemed like a minor mystery, so I had made him appear at the end--ironically after the Porreans leave--to imply that he was just being late, but he doesn't appear at all in the latest builds.

Also, I'm taking notes concerning the weapons and armor that appear in the various shops and treasure chests, and we'll probably swap some names later on as it seems the names were allocated inconsistently in terms of cultural references. "Xocotl Suit" for instance is Mayan and should be used in the Reptite timeline rather than Porre. I also noticed a "Steam" Punch in Kasmir's Fort.
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