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Sewers in 2300AD

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Mr Bekkler:
So the first time in 2300 ad, I went through the Sewers before racing Johnny and at the other end I found Belthasar and his Nu. Belthasar was alive! I don't remember that from the SNES version, and was just wondering if anyone else noticed.

He was talking about how he missed Schala and asked the team if they'd seen his work, the Blackbird, etc.

chrono eric:
He was alive in the SNES version - actually in all versions for that matter. He doesn't die until you come back later for the Epoch, and you find his Nu there to which he has transferred his memory into.

Yup, that was most definitely there in the SNES version. When I first rented it, I thought for some reason you were supposed to go through the sewers. Boy, was Sir Krawlie hellish to fight at that point.

Dark Serge:
Yeah, I thought that too. Actually it's easier to clear the sewers first so you don't have to do it later.

Acacia Sgt:
First time I played, also went through the sewers first, but didn't entered the dome.


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