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1996 Chrono Trigger 2 demo video "supposedly" in existence? [25000]

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Dude, blast from the past time! Head on over to the GameFAQs Xenogears forum, where a user named wababuhloowap has posted some correspondence with Andrew Vestal about this. Vestal's reply:

--- Quote ---Hey Mike,

Sorry to take a while to get back to you. Since you took the time to track me down across the ages I figured that giving you as thorough an answer is the least I could do.

I do not have the promo reel in my possession - I heard about the contents from a developer who was working at Square during this time period.

However, it is definitely not just speculation, and Square has gone on the record as identifying a connection between the two games in the Chrono Cross Ultimania.

From the Japanese Wikipedia article on Chrono Cross:

『クロノ・トリガー2』と『ゼノギアス』 [編集]

『ゼノギアス』はもともと『クロノ・トリガー2』という企画から 足しており、『ゼノギアス』制作後にチームが再編成して、改めて『クロノ・トリガー』の続編を作るべ 足したのが『クロノ・クロス』の制作チームで り、スタッフの重複も多い。そのため本作には『ゼノギアス』との類似点が多々存在し、戦闘システムなども『ゼノギアス』のものを 展させた形となっている。


さ 、愛に血を流させてやろう!地獄の海のように、紅 ……深 ……!

という台詞も、『ゼノギアス』本編ではな 、後の『クロノ・クロス』本編で使われている。

この他、前作の登場人物で るルッカも『ゼノギアス』にゲスト出演し、( までもおまけ的な台詞では るが)シルバードなどについて言及している。

Extremely quick and dirty translation...

"Chrono Trigger 2" and "Xenogears"

Xenogears originally began its planning and development as Chrono Trigger 2; after Xenogears was done being created the team regathered to make a sequel to Chrono Trigger, and the Chrono Cross team had a lot of the same staff as Xenogears. As a result, the game has many similarities, and the style of battle system is a sort of evolution of that in Xenogears.

Also, in the demo movie of Xenogears this line is used,

"So let love's blood flow! Like the seas of hell, it runs red and deep...!"*

This line does not appear in Xenogears' script, but was later used in Chrono Cross' script.

Furthermore, Lucca, a character from a previous game, appears in Xenogears as a guest, whose last bonus line makes a reference to the Silvard** and such.

*Perhaps translated as Lynx's line "Love is deeper and darker than the black seas of hell."
**The Epoch.

So, there you have it. :) It was actually fun to get back in touch with Ike again and track down the answer "once and for all." I am also glad that history has proven us both correct. Xenogears began development as CT2; when Xenogears was finished, much of the same staff still wanted to make a sequel to Chrono Trigger, and they made Chrono Cross.

Glad to help you finally put this mystery to rest. :)

--- End quote ---

Ah what could have been... Though I can't say I'm disappointed with Xenogears and Chrono Cross myself. Though I still would have loved to see how Chrono Trigger 2 would have turned out.

Lord J Esq:
Fascinating! I'm glad to see that the Chrono family tree branched out with the Xenosaga. It certainly accounts for some of the musical similarities between Mitsuda's CT and XG scores.

Our next step is to see if the relevant assertion in the Japanese Cross Wikipedia article is sourced. I'll ask Glitter, I guess. Moving this to the Great To-Do List.

Edit: No references or sources for that part of the Cross article. Our next task is to verify that this line:


Appears in a Xenogears trailer. I suppose we need to round up the Japanese trailers for Xenogears. I still need to focus on updating the Compendium, so let's make verification of this line a 1000 point bounty.

Oooh, that's interesting. I haven't checked what the line means yet, but copying and pasting it directly into Google is turning up all sorts of results. (Ugh, it appears to be Xeno-related but is loading far too slowly for me when I try it again)

Kato did at least some or all of the script writing for Xenogears IIRC, so it'll be really fascinating to see how this turns out.

EDIT: Oh, is it the Japanese equivalent of the "Let love bleed" line from Chrono Cross?

EDIT AGAIN: The site I tried to link to above translates roughly as:

--- Quote ---Japanese to English translation
Long ago. The emigrant ship to sail across a huge star, and suddenly, Case of abnormality in the system. Continuously monitor the warning tells only a moment, flickering shadows. Soon to resist, the system will take control of someone. Who was shot down ruthlessly overboard and striving to be first to escape the ship itself was a laser cannon. The captain, decided that the only sink the ship anymore. Activate the suicide system. The sparkle flash, the ship slowly sank to the stars. Then, after a thousand years ....


Remote villages, "Rahan" is the memory lost youth, "Fay" is lived. One day the count of three years of life in the village, it is his best friend, "Timothy" was the day before our wedding. Mystery suddenly landed in the village of "gear." The invasion force was Kisurebu military gear gear step, the Rahan village was engulfed in flames. In the clamor of the people fleeing, Faye talks to a mysterious gear.


"Now, we'll shed blood red like the sea of love ... hell, deep ..." (this is the line in question)

Faye is drawn to the mysterious boarding gear. Vainly fight back, but Timothy had fallen in Kisurebu 凶弾. Dazed and Faye. Tsunori helpless resentment of his distant consciousness. To absorb the anger of his gear to emit light aircraft .... Faye lost consciousness momentarily, the emission reaches the critical white wrap the village. And everything was destroyed. Faye was waiting regained consciousness, and angry words of the surviving villagers had someone shoot that's strange. To be pursued, leaving Faye Rahan village. But the tragedy is repeated over a thousand years, too, but was only the beginning.

--- End quote ---

It looks like a description of an early section of Xenogears, so it's plausible that it could have appeared in a demo. I don't remember a line quite like this in the English version of the game, so we'll have to track down the Japanese demo and screenshot this puppy. I'll bet the Xeno-sages over at the GameFAQs board might know more about it too, since a few people there seem to eat and breathe Xenogears.


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