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1996 Chrono Trigger 2 demo video "supposedly" in existence? [25000]

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(Interview with Tetsuya Takahashi)


--Why did you choose space as the setting? Were you not interested in a fantasy world?

Xenogears" started out as a sequel to "Chrono Trigger". However, as we had many meetings with the publishers, we found that it was practically difficult. ...... I asked Mr. Sakaguchi to go to the trouble of making it an original title. However, since development had already started, there were parts where I couldn't go back to the fantasy world, and I was concerned about the motivation of the staff. Xenogears" was the result of a certain amount of compromise.

There is another interview that may confirm, but we don't have it:

Acacia Sgt:
Fascinating. And I guess that's why the Lucca cameo exists, most likely.

Hmm, space setting being a result of originally being a Chrono Trigger sequel? Interesting. The hunt of Lavos-like lifeforms, its origin planet, perhaps...?


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