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1996 Chrono Trigger 2 demo video "supposedly" in existence? [25000]

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I've been digging around in all things Xeno over the past couple days (I have these crazes every once in awhile, you see) and caught this in an old GameFAQs/Gamespot forum argument:

--- Quote from: W_Mark_Felt_Sr ---The legend goes that after Chrono Trigger was finished, most of the team got together to make their next game, and their first idea was Chrono Trigger 2. But they quickly moved away from that idea and eventually they ended up doing "Project Noah" which evolved into Xenogears.

It's not a legend. GameSpot has in their possession a freaking promo reel that SHOWS footage of "Chrono Trigger 2", before the game was turned into Xenogears. I'd kill to see this video myself...

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Druff ---For the record, Gamespot does not have the 1996 CT2 footage in their possesion. That piece you copied and pasted was written by Andrew Vestal, who very briefly freelanced for Gamespot circa 1999-2000. But his real claim to fame was that he created aka "The Unofficial Squaresoft Homepage" circa 1995, and he was arguably the most dedicated and knowlegable Square fan outside of Japan...When he lost his ISP, Square actually hosted his site for him for months. He eventually sold it and it became, and then he founded the GIA. He unveiled FFIX concept art in early 1999, almost a year before it was officially announced...even though I've never seen this CT2 footage, and I've never met anyone else who's seen it, I believe it exists. I'd kill to see it too.

--- End quote ---

W_Mark_Felt had apparently dropped this link earlier in the pertinent thread:

The interesting bit is this:

--- Quote from: Andrew Vestal ---An old promo reel of Square's from mid-1996 contained footage of a "Chrono Trigger 2"; while much of that technologies appear to have gone into Xenogears, it's clear that Square has kept the franchise in mind.

--- End quote ---

This is the first I've ever heard of such a demo reel, and that would be a fantastic thing to behold. Mid 1996 would probably put it in the vicinity of early Xenogears development alright. It certainly would have been interesting to see Chrono Cross done in the Xenogears game engine! Anyone ever heard anything about this demo reel before?

Never heard about that. But if a "thing" ever existed on the internet, it is hard to believe no one has seen it...

I would have dismissed the possibility immediately but an Alpha preview of Chrono Trigger did surface after a huge number of years in hiding. What a motherload this supposed demo reel would be! I'll have to look up Andrew Vestal. Didn't he work for EGM awhile back, or am I completely mistaken?

I believe there's a Sakaguchi interview from 1997 in which he says Chrono Trigger 2 is not being made, if it ever will be made. Even if it's just a corporate distraction, it's more solid than this rumor.

Interesting... There has always been rumours that Xenogears was "meant" to be Chrono Trigger 2 due to plot similarities. These are just rumours, but yeah, the CT Alpha preview didn't surface until 2007, so who knows? If Sakaguchi said CT2 was not being made in 1997, that could mean it became Xenogears before that date.


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