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Once-King Dalton

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Okay, I just fought him, and before that I read that some people speculated he was behind the Fall of Guardia in 1005.

After beating him, he tells Chrono that he'll raise the greatest army the world has ever seen in Porre, and wipe "your pitiful little kingdom off the map!" I guess...that confirms it then? That Dalton is at least involved with the Fall of Guardia?

Dark Serge:
This was found out shortly after the release of CT:DS in Japan, and yes, it ultimately confirms that Dalton is in fact, the mastermind behind the Rise of Porre and the Fall of Guardia.

And from there some have assumed that he was the long-haired man in the ending FMV, originally seen in the Playstation port of CT.

I think it makes more sense that it's just a random Porrean and that's why it's just a random, unrecognizable silhouette...

Acacia Sgt:
Dalton couldn't have been that man. Dalton fights with magic or uses his golems instead.

Fighting with a sword... it's just not him, I think. Besides, why would he be in the actual fighting when he can attack from a distance, which is safer?


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