Author Topic: Ocean Palace Incident, Magus, Gurus, and the Epoch (TTI, or is it?)  (Read 3742 times)

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Re: Ocean Palace Incident, Magus, Gurus, and the Epoch (TTI, or is it?)
« Reply #15 on: April 21, 2009, 09:51:57 pm »
I need to diagram this when I get a chance.  It should clear things up.

I think I may understand, so let me simplify it a bit with an argument:

Timeline 1: Time traveller A time travels at Time X to Time X+100. At Time X+50 Time traveller B time travels to the past to Time X-1 day.

Timeline 2: This Timeline is created by Time Traveller B's travel to the past. Traveller B emerges into the Timeline at Time X-1 day, hangs around a bit, and then somehow prevents (but doesn't kill) Traveller A from initially time travelling. We have now created a similar situation as the one that you have laid out because:

1) It is a brand new timeline


2) The timeline was altered such that the instance of original time travelling did not occur.

Time Bastard holds that even if Traveller A was prevented from Time Travelling he would still disappear at Time X. Time Traveller's Immunity holds that he would likewise still appear at Time X+100, but the Traveller that appears at Time X+100 is not Traveller A from timeline 2 but Traveller A from timeline 1.

Surely you can think of several ways in which a paradox would be created if TB and TTI were not preserved during all instances of time travel, even if the timeline has been drastically altered such that the original instance did not occur?