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Chapter Names
« on: March 04, 2009, 12:19:17 am »
Some of the chapter names cause the load screen to freak out because they are too long.... I'm going to keep track of them here.  Zeality/99 if you have a new name let me know

An Emerald Dream II
An Emerald Dream III
The Gray Forgotten
The Glare of Midnight
The Darkness of Noon
Dreaming Across Time
Where Dreams Go to die

Some are easy to fix....i think I used to have 2/3 for emerald dreams cause of this (maybe 99 changed them back to II and III)?  In my opinion....the cool chapter names are worth the bugs if it's not cutting off the words in the title.  Everything is fine when you load it, it just makes the PC's level 0 or blanks out their name.

It's up to you guys what to do, I didn't make the chapter names so I'd feel bad changing them more than I already have (i've made some changes if like...entire words were being cut in half).


EDIT: I'm using this to host a picture for now.
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