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Re: Zephira's playthrough
« Reply #15 on: April 12, 2009, 06:05:01 pm »
Got another big batch of screenshots for ya!

1. During Magus' Flame dungeon. Is King Zeal supposed to say 'I have become', or 'I am become'?
2. Crono's Flame dungeon, battle with Shadows in his living room. Couch transparency issues.
3. Crono's Flame dungeon, Zenan bridge. I didn't check to see if this was in CT, but the Red Eaglet's fire tech looks weird. To put it bluntly, it looks like the bird is
    crapping fire.
JP NOTE: I definitely didn't edit it to be like it was probably there before
4. Crono's Flame dungeon. The battle with Lavos has a strange background.  JP NOTE: Flagged for later
5. Dreamtime, battle right before Gaspar. Marle's hair passes through the rock while casting.  JP NOTE: I kid you not, i've had to move that damn rock atleast 8 times now.
6. Antiquity, western continent. Odd looking coastal tile.
7. Antiquity, west of Beast Forest. Odd looking coastal tile.  JP NOTE: That is needed to be there for the raft. Only certain tiles are "exit tiles" and coast tiles aren't one of them
8. Zeal Ruins? battle with two Jinns and a Sorcerer. Frogs sword goes through the wall during battle.
9. Zeal Ruins?, just left of the entrance. Railing obscures Marle at the end of battle.
10. Zeal Ruins? room with three Lashers and three Bashers. Frog {P3} goes haywire after battle and won't follow {P1}.
11. Zeal Ruins? same room as 10. Doorway obscures party members.
12. Zeal Ruins?, room before room with passworded door, near battle with one Sorcerer. Transparency issue with corner.
13. Antiquity, Commons. Should be Gurus of Life and Reason, not Time.  JP NOTE: nice catch!
14. North Cape. Party members are darkened, King Zeal is not.  JP NOTE: sigh...i know :(
15. Mystic Den, next to the Hero's Grave, 600 AD. Bird monster (Bantam Imp?) is carrying an Imp's head instead of an Imp.  JP NOTE: Um..i have no idea how it happened...or hor to fix it
16. Mystic Den, near Hero's Grave, 600 AD. "Dialogue opportunity here".
17. Mystic Den, near Hero's Grave, 600 AD. Naga-ettes need to be renamed.
18. Mystic Den, near Hero's Grave, 600 AD. Room with the "Zombor" Naga-ette battle. Floor tiles obscure party members.
19. Dorino Bar, 600 AD. Maid's text is indented.
20. Dorino Elder's House, girl who walks by bookcase. Text is indented.
21. Prehistory. One of the caves' exits drops you one tile to the right of the door, instead of outside the door.  JP NOTE: I was beginning to think noone saw those caves
22. Dalton's Hideout. "Zeal is powerful and mighty!" room. Party went haywire after battle, wouldn't follow {P1}.
23. Dalton's Hideout, second to last room. Tile obscures party members.  JP NOTE: I couldn't repro looks like you may have done this after your party went haywire?
24. Ruined Leene's square, front of tree obscures party members.
25. Leene Square, path leading to Gato's Exhibit. Weird walkable tree.
26. Ruined Leene's Square. You can still talk to Zack about his picnic, even though he's no longer there.
27/28. Spekkio in Singing Mountain needs punctuation.
29. Walkable forest where Reptite Lair used to be in Prehistory.
30. After defeating the Golems on single person, easy Coliseum, you are taken to a weird room. Cybersnarkany still needs text.  JP NOTE: I put in a bug for the dialogue
31. The Spekkio door at the End of Time takes you to this weird room. Party doesn't appear, but menu works. Have to reset to continue.  JP NOTE: yea that's coming later
32. Lavos' Crater, Prehistory. Press A near where the Gate used to be, and this text box pops up, even though there's no more Gate.  JP NOTE: That's on purpose..for people who do exactly that (go to where the gate was in CT and press A)
33. End of Time Gate that leads to Dreamtime. Too much space between question and "Yes/No"

Not screenshot'd:
When you go to any era from the End of Time using the Epoch, the music does not start to play until you land the Epoch.
The 600 AD "Train the knights" quest is unobtainable during the Dreaming Across Time chapter. You can only start this quest before Belthasar tells you about it.
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