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1999 AD.

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(Man, it would've been great for a bonus dungeon...)

has anyone hacked into the game with an Action Replay and viewed the world map?

Shadow D. Darkman:
You can see a minimap on the Touch Screen when you watch the video of the Day Of Lavos, and when you actually witness Lavos' eruption (has to be when you travel to 1999 A.D. since the Black Omen is in Antiquity (Dark Ages) when it goes down, no matter which time period you're in. I guess they just didn't want to show Lavos erupting in any other time than in Antiquity when the Black Omen falls.

Acacia Sgt:
The 1999 AD world map is only done in the places where it shows Lavos's eruption and part of the attack.

I don't think it is complete.

Regardless of what that minimap shows you, it's still not complete.

Though I was making the map to the best of my ability a while back.

Shadow D. Darkman:
What, you scrapped the project?


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