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The Mystic Civil War
« on: January 19, 2009, 12:14:29 am »
This is the first of a three parter called 'The Mystic civil war'

Part 1 - Rise of the Heckran Clan
Part 2 - The Founding of Medina
Part 3 - Old Hatreds, New Alliances

It has been 3 years since Guardia's victory over the Mystics in the Great War and the Mystic Alliance has splintered and fractured in the years since. The two Mystic contents have been forgotten and treated as the forsaken nations. The Mystics are no longer considered a super-power by any stretch of the war. Guardia, Porre, and Choras are the powers leading the new world be researching steam, and naval power. The various Mystic tribes fight over the remaining forests and fresh-water, while the rest of the world researches steam and water-purification methods. The fate of the Mystic nation is a bleak one.

The Rise of the Heckran Clan
Heckran Clan
Located on: Western Continent
Inhabits: Northern Plains
Fighting Forces: Hunches, Goblins, Outlaws, Lord Heckran

Kasmir Clan
Located on: Western Continent
Inhabits: Southern Forest
Fighting Forces: Jugglers, Mages, Bats

  April 5th, 603AD

The Heckran clan ravaged the northern plains of the Western-Mystic continent. After the fall of Magus's Empire, the Western-Mystic nations fell into ruin after all wealth and power transitioned to the East. Now, scrambling to find the resources to revive his shattered clan, Lord Heckran leads his party into some of the remaining woods of what used to be the base of Magus's Castle.

Has his clan starts to fan out across the woods, Lord Heckran thinks back to the glory days of the Grand Mystic Empire under Lord Magus. The Heckran Clan had been the back-bone of the Mystic army, always being the Van-guard of an invasion. It was the Heckran Clan that had fought the forces of Guardia on the Zenan Bridge and it was the Heckran clan that had sacked Dorino for resources on their march back to Magus's Lair.

Lord Heckran was furious when he had first found out that the de-facto Mystic leader Ozzie, after the disaster at Magus's Lair, had signed a peace-accord with Guardia and had fled to the East like a coward. However, Heckran decided to count his blessings by the sheer fact that the Heckran clan was at sea during the disaster at Magus's Lair.

"Sir, we've caught one of the Kasmir Clan's agents!" Barked a Mystic Goblin in the woods. Heckran quickly scrambled to find the captured spy.

"So, you dare spy on the mighty Heckran Clan you tiny imp!" Heckran shouted at the spy. "Sir you misunderstand I was merely..." the Imp began before Heckran silenced him with his blade.

"Scour the forest to find anymore of that Bastard Kasmir's men!" Heckran yelled at his forces. "Yes sir!" "Right away sir" the troops responded as they began scouring through the woods. Before long, one of Heckran's scouts had found a Kasmir Clan base camp along the banks of a nearby river. He immediately reported back to Lord Heckran.

"Sir, Kasmir's men are using the forest as cover to gain food and water from the river's banks! They're draining our resources!" The Scout informed Heckran. "Hmph, an interesting development" Heckran responded. "We'll wait until night fall. Then, torch the camp and kill any survivors" Heckran said with pure savagery in his voice.
  Early April 6th 603AD
The sight of fire illuminated the light sky as Heckran's forces carried out his orders and began torching the Kasmir Clan's base camp along the river. "Burn the damn thing!" ordered one of Heckran's lieutenants.

Several Jugglers and Mages popped out of the tents on fire before quickly succumbing to their injuries. Most of Heckran's forces knew that in a head-on confrontation, Kasmir's magic-oriented forces would have the upper-hand against Heckran's melee oriented fighters.

Lord Heckran stood up on a nearby hill to congratulate his forces on a victory. "This is a great day for our clan. For too long has the Kasmir clan stolen our resources and cut down our woods. It is time we exacted our revenge. We must strike them a blow they will not recover from! We must march towards the Kasmir clan's capitol!" Lord Heckran shouted with authority.

    April 10th
After the long grueling march to the Kasmir capitol, the Heckran clan stop to rest and analyze  the enemy's defenses.

"Sir, the enemy is using part of the ruins in Magus's castle as a base! They're are sentries scattered about the forests as well as an army of Mages and Jugglers assembled in the ruins. We believe that Kasmir is hold up in the ruins surrounding himself with loyal followers" A Hunch reported to Lord Heckran.

"Excellent. We should probably formulate an attack by..." Heckran was cut-off by the appearance of a hungry man in the bushes. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the man was the Fmr. General Slash.

He was quickly recruited by the Heckran clan as a commander to storm the Kasmir Capitol. It was learned that in the months following his release from Guardia prison, Slash had fled into the forests after being repeatedly hunted down by Kasmir's troops.
  April 11th
The plan had been formulated. Heckran's had taken most of the sentries the night before, thereby preventing them from alerting the enemy about Heckran's presence. The Hunches and Goblins would storm the ruins and provoking a drawn out battle. With the advantage of surprise, Kasmir's forces would be taken by storm. Also to their advantage, Kasmir's magic troops performed better in long distance combat and were disadvantage in a hand-to-hand showdown. While the Hunches and Goblins would distract Kasmir's forces into defending the center, the outlaws would swarm the flanks and quickly dispatch of the few Kasmirians guarding the flanks and quickly surround Kasmir's main battle group.

After that, Lord Heckran accompanied by Flash would charge a special ops unit tasked with finding and killing Kasmir.

  A Few Hours Later
The plan was in action. The Hunches and Goblins were going toe to toe with Kasmir's mages. With ease, the outlaws took the flanks, but the plan encountered a problem.

As the battle was progressing, the ground began to shake and the entire ruins began to collapse. At the hour of Heckran's triumph, an Earth-quake had to complicate matters!

Most of Kasmir's and Heckran's forces were cut off from each-other after the Earth-quake subsided. Heckran climbed atop a tree and promptly addressed his troops. "Men, wherever you may be, whether you are cut off from the main force or not, kill every Kasmirian you can!"

The final stage of the plan, to lead a special ops force proceeded as planned. Slash and Heckran charged through the ruins to find Lord Kasmir. As they neared the sight where scouts had reported Kasmir to be, they were presented with an odd scenario. There was fire before them and several dead Kasmirians.

They moved on and found a Lord Kasmir strapped to a pillar with his mouth shut. "Looking for someone?" A voice shouted from the treetops. The figure descended from the trees and revealed himself to be his/her bisexualness Fmr. General Flea him/herself.

As Slash began informing Flea of the situation, Heckran approached Kasmir. "No! Don't hurt me!" Kasmir begged as Heckran approached. "I meant nothing of the base-camp at the Northern-Plains! Don't kill me!" Kasmir begged before Heckran brought a Blade down on him.

Kasmir climbed on top of the pillar and addressed the men on the battle field "Kasmirians and Members of the Heckran clan alike! The Bastard Kasmir is dead! Those of the Kasmir Clan, you are welcome to join the Heckran clan as our underlings or face certain-death. The choice is yours. As of this moment, the Western Mystic Continent is united under one rule! Outlaws! Spread the word to the smaller clans that they have an ultimatum to join the new Nation of Heckran or be slaughtered! Now Mystics shall be united under one rule!" Heckran thunderously shouted to a chorus of applause from both Heckran clansmen and Kasmirians.