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Prophet's Guile parody
« on: February 01, 2009, 07:52:00 am »
Quote from: JusSonic
Author's note
Here I am working on yet another parody and this one is an interesting one too. This is a parody of the fan game that was made for Chrono Trigger that is called 'The Prophet's Guile'. It takes place right after Darth Vader's battle with the heroes at his castle and shows his rise to prophet hood in Hollow Bastion while he gets ready for his revenge on Tabuu.

Not all of the fan game can be shown in this and the game itself belongs to its respective owners. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Make sure to check out the clips on Youtube and/or play the game itself to understand 'The Prophet's Guile'.

There are 3 chapters. Well, can't say I read all of it...but it's always nice to see Prophet's Guile is still getting attention a whole year after its release.