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What Are You Currently Playing? (Do NOT Just Make a List)

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I'm making this because I miss this thread & because the previous thread incarnation has become a giant fuckall video game discussion gangbang. I want this to actually be a thread about something more specific.

Here's what I'm still playing, though...

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - Great addition to the series with a great twist on the classic gameplay (keeps it fresh w/o straying too much)...I did indeed get past that big skeleton...I've been thinking about going through with just the knives because they rule, but they're so weak and take down the MP quick, so they aren't too hot for those areas where zombies & such keep coming at you over & over...I forget where I am now...I think I remember swinging blades (those things like that one Edgar Allen Poe story whose proper name I can't think of currently)...

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All - I really hate the Psyche Locks in this game and the fact that your bar doesn't regenerate all the time like the first one (really, no one's going through these games for their challenge, y'know?)...but otherwise it still kicks ass. I'm currently on Farewell, My Turnabout, and I was actually surprised when Edgeworth popped up (I figured he'd come back, but I still didn't see it coming when it did)...

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - About to take back the castle...! I know it's not the end, but it looks like a formidable battle...I had to go through the battle before several times...V_V I'm gonna blame the Killer Lance he had and my stupidity for going up close (I WANTS EXP!!)...After I finally get through this game, I plan on restarting Blazing Sword & hopefully finally getting through that (& then going through Sacred Stones)...

Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff - It's starting to wear on me after the first bowl finished...I love the special abilities, but with Tecmo Super Bowl III in the wings, my patience for this mostly older-based version is kind of thin...I'm still the Giants & still trying to unlock Tecmo Joe, though...but I think after the 2nd bowl, I'm going to quit...*shrugs*

Acacia Sgt:
Well, currently, I'm playing Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories.

The game is good, however, I always find annoying the constant camera movement I have to do. Also, the game seems to don't want to give me high-value cards, or enemy cards for that matter. Even so, the battles are easy and I rarely have to reload my deck in battle, except on the boss fights, who are even easier than in the GBA.

Also, Seiken Densetsu 3.

Now this one is hard. I'm just before the last boss on the Mana Holyland, but those enemies on the way were really annoying, especially the grey one that morphs into a party member. Also, I regret not training properly, I'm just level 45 and the Archdemon destroyed me. I may need to train in the Holyland for like, several hours.

Oh how I love these threads~.

Persona 3 FES - A seriously fun RPG for the PS2, and an updated, more balanced version of the original Persona 3. It's a spin-off series to Megami Tensei ("MegaTen"). It involves controlling your character (a silent protagonist whom you name) through his double life, making friends and trying to do well in school by day, and entering a sprawling tower and fighting freakish occult monsters by night. The titular 'Personas' are embodiments of the person's soul, which are based on gods, demons, and monsters from mythology and such, and Personas are summoned in battle to cast spells and assist your characters. The battle system's turn-based and involves a fun bit of strategy; the main character is the only controllable party member, and you direct the others with orders or allow them to act as the CPU sees fit. Depending on how you order your party members you can make things easier for yourself if you scan the enemy - the other members will then target the enemy's weakness, which knocks the enemy down, causing every party member to simultaneously attack and cause huge damage. The summoning method is... controversial to some, considering the summoner points a gun to their head and fires to call upon a Persona. Although the gun is a custom-made one specially for summoning... Anyway, the fun in the game lies in its massive depth (there is a hell of a lot to do) and balancing your 'double life', making sure to keep your social links high so that corresponding Persona types will get level up bonuses and such. It's a huge, fun RPG that's incredibly enjoyable.

Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon - I'm not too far into this, only 5 or 6 chapters. Still, it's great fun. Remake of the first Fire Emblem, what do I say? It's strategy with rock paper scissors combat and the ability to geniunely upset you should one of your units die (they permanently die), and it doesn't help that you're forced to sacrifice one early on... Anyway, it's a really great game.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Fanservice at its justifiable best. Eleven FF heroes and eleven FF villains fighting it out across a storyline picking on each hero's vulnerabilities and their reasons for battle makes one hell of a game. The actual fighting is a bit difficult to get the hang of at first... You have to build up 'Brave Points' by attacking your opponent with circle button attacks (which steals their BP and adds it to your own), and then you can hit them with HP attacks (the square button), which damages the foe for the amount of BP you have. Also, reducing their BP below 0 puts them into 'Break' status, where you gain BP from the little storage 'pool' in the middle of the health display. The story for each character explores their weaknesses and interactions with other FF heroes; it's both hilarious and heartwarming to see such team-ups, like Tidus and Squall with the former convincing the latter to show some trust, and Frioniel passing on some determination to Cloud. Only thing it lacks that would've made my year is playable Gilgamesh, but at least he's a summon. So is Ultros, for fans of the quirky mini-boss villains (and he causes BP to be unreadable by spraying ink! Brilliant!). Dissidia's great fun if not a little hard to pick up and play without a little while exploring how the system works. I'm working through the stories at the moment, finished Frioniel, Cecil, Cloud, Zidane, and Tidus's so far... I'm going by the difficulty rating given in-game for the order I'm doing these. Next will be Squall's story, I think. Tina/Terra and Warrior of Light have the hardest stories, a full 5 stars.

Final Fantasy IV DS - The lovely 3D remake of FFIV which pushes the difficulty even further (some bosses even have new attack methods which make them near-impossible without a serious amount of level grinding). I've just finished the Sealed Cave and about to get the Lunar Whale... Edge keeps dying and I need to train him a bit. Nothing else really notable, 'cept I went through hell trying to kill the Demon Wall. Oh yeah, and the Augment system is fucking annoying.

Call of Duty: World At War

I like it so far, it's certainly harder than CoD 4.  I've always been a fan of the series and tend to prefer it over its counterparts (Halo/Quake/Doom).  I'm glad they returned to the WWII setting and, in my opinion, they did a much better job on this incarnation than with CoD 3  (really enjoyed the airplane combat level too).  Right now I think I'm storming a Japanese castle with the Marines - almost done  8)

Silent Hill: Homecoming

The graphics are fantastic and the gameplay is definitely harder than previous SH games (though I never played Origins).  I have a feeling that the story is going to have a rather lackluster twist and apparently there are little to no references to the older games.  Then again, I'm only at the police station and few plot points have surfaced so I still don't know what the hell is going on  :D  I guess more on it later...

Chrono Cross to gain some insight for my writing project here on the boards, and Chrono Trigger still striving end it on a maxed out game.

Aside from those I've been picking up New Super Mario Bros. a few times.  Good classic style of platform fun that I grew up with.  Also trying out Tales of Vesperia for my 360.  Haven't gotten far yet.  The battle system seems a bit unresponsive, so I'll have to sit down and fiddle with the settings until I find a comfortable play style.  (I recall having todo this with all of the Tales series though.  The default settings just seem too laggy for me)

Final Fantasy IV DS is currently on the back burner.  I try not to have more than one new RPG going at a time, and seeing as I never actually completed IV back on the PSX (Never owned the SNES version) this one will need full attention.

Also near the end of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on 360.  Excellent game, though the story seems a bit blah.  Better than the pre-Trilogy at least, with it not treating the player as a complete retard like the movies did.  Most of the game is a no-brainer brawlfest though.  Still fun to toss Imperials around with the force and all.


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