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Glitch with 2 Epochs

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Free EXP? Why would you need that in Chrono Trigger? It's so easy!! Not that it's bad, but really. It was easier than Kingdom Hearts II!

What Arris Dome glitch...? The one where if you open the menu in the room where you fight the Guardian, you fight a bunch of robots? Aren't they crappy Version 2.0s and stuff that give out barely any exp, though...? o_O

And the reason people got stuck in the wall at the EoT... Well, here's a link:


(It's not just the EoT, by the way. Any save point where you do that is viable for getting you glitched)

Shadow D. Darkman:
Every little bit counts, and as long as I get it, IDC how small it is.

I confirmed the 2 Epoch glitch.

After finishing Mt. Woe, the seal is broken on the 12000 BC cave gate and the skyway teleporters to Zeal.  All of these are shared by bit 0x80 in 7F0057.

Warp the Epoch to 2300 AD Keeper's Dome.  Then travel through the Sewer Access and Lab 32 to get to the Proto Dome, and use the portal back to the End of Time.  Activate the warp pillar to return to 12000 BC. (It should be pointed out now that this would explain the rarity of the glitch - it's highly unlikely the player would take an unnecessary trip through 2300 AD on foot at this specific point in the story)

Continue the game normally until the upgraded Epoch is obtained.

After receiving the Chrono Trigger, fly the Epoch to 2300 AD and enter the Keeper's Dome.  The Nu isn't blocking the door, and the original Epoch will crash the game when boarded.  Pressing the confirm button will play the time warping sound over and over.

It is possible to avoid the crash, and delete the duplicate Epoch, if you move the original Epoch before talking to Gaspar.  The next time you visit the Keeper's Dome, the Nu will be in the corridor.

Yeah... I was probably rushing through and was trying to get the Sealed items that I had forgotten about. What I probably did was ignore the Epoch, go to the Bangor dome, I think, collect some items I had missed, and forgot the Epoch once more.  :lol: Thanks for clearing that up, hopefully if anyone else has the problem they can check this Thread.  Yeah, I guess it was pretty stupid of me to ignore the Epoch. I ussually do before it gets wings, though.


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