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Glitch with 2 Epochs

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In New Game+, after Crono dies, I encountered a glitch. With Marle at the head of my party, Lucca second, and Magus in third, I took the Epoch to 2300 AD After obtaining the Chrono Trigger and recieving ending #2, Reunion. I flew to Belthasar's Dome, and entered, leaving the Epoch outside. Once I entered, I walked to where the Epoch was, searching for the Strange Construct (Nu.) I found him, but he was next to the Epoch, with no wings, talking about the Controls for the Epoch. I thought maybe it would fix itself after I moved the old Epoch somewhere else. I entered the Epoch, and went to the End of time, and the Game froze and stayed on a black screen. I tried 2 more times, to no avail. I had to restart my game to proceed.
( Which was fine, I was about to anyways.)

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I believe this was said before... If you leave the flightless Epoch in 2300 AG, once you get the winged one, the original is stuck in 2300 AG, and Nu Belthasar won't tell you about Death peak and therefore not give you the poyozo dolls, preventing you from continuing the game.

Did you leave the flightless Epoch in 2300 AG? If not, then you may be on to something, actually... :/

Acacia Sgt:
I have heard of that glitch before, that's why once I get the wingless Epoch, I stay away from 2,300 AD until I have to climb Death Peak.

I don't think I did, I barely went to 2300 AD at all.

Shadow D. Darkman:
Protip: If you don't want to leave it in Antiquity, leave it in the End Of Time. That's what I do.

Which brings up the question. How does it turn up in Antiquity when you leave it elsewhere?


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