Author Topic: (Please read first post!) Chrono Trigger + 1.08/1.1 Bug report thread  (Read 3097 times)


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Has anyone had any problems with the new puzzles, so far?
Other than the things I've mentioned, of course.



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Sorry, I haven't had as much time as I would like to play test yet. However, my break is next week so I will try to get some done then :)


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CT+ 1.085

Valley of Giants/Searing Chasm

- Can enter first time without Ayla present
- Impossible to leave Searing Chasm Dungeon once you enter (quest mem pointers just aren't there yet)
- Boss and cutscenes are non-existent.

Just putting this here so that no-one else reports it.

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Hey folks, long time lurker/first time poster.

I registered just to shout out a ginormous THANK YOU to Zakyrus for all of his hard work in to this amazing project. I played the old demo some time ago and was flat out blown away by how much you squeezed in to the original game. It's hard to improve upon nigh-perfection, but you've done it.

Looking forward to the public demo release (once these bugs you speak of are ironed out) so I can once again enjoy one of my two favorite games ever made in a new light.

Thanks again Zakyrus! It's great to see you put passion in to the game rivaling that of the entire Dream Team.

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I covered this numerous times already, but when one person directly addresses another, there is a comma before that person's name.  For example:  "Hello, Crono!"  There is a comma after hello because you are directly addressing Crono.  Aside from being grammatically correct, it is also for clarity.  For instance, the phrase, "I don't know Robo."  As it is, it means that you are not an acquaintance of Robo.  With a comma, it means you are telling Robo that you don't know.
Similarly, there is always a comma after introductions like hey or hello.  Like, "Hey, what are you doing tomorrow?"
I have corrected these a few times, but no longer will, as it requires a lot of typing to clarify where it goes and this list would be too big.

Style preference: 
Instead of using a(n), which seems awkward, just do, "Received (item)."
I don't like that Crono talks at all.  It destroys all of the subtlety. 
Why does Crono's mother keep calling him "son?"  This seems unusual, but it may just be me.
That Marle is actually the princess is given away too early and it made painfully obvious instead of subtle.
It alternates between alright and all right.  Pick one.

Should it be Titanium or Titananium?

"granduer" should be grandeur
"unwakable" should be unwakeable
"story of but many lives"  the word but is unnecessary
"greatly manifest" "greatly appear?"  doesn't make sense
"When you can give yourself in the place of others.  Your power..." Should be a comma, not a period
"The next thing I know I'm at..." should be a comma after know
"...particularly for those whom have..." should be who
"...knowing the real nature of existance" should be existence
"Then and only then, will you truly know."  There should be a comma after then or no commas at all
"Very good, my student you..." Should be a comma after student.
"Always remember, that..." No comma.

Chapter 1:
"I want you to behave yourself today, okay Crono?"  comma after okay.
"I swear Crono..." Comma after swear
"Sorry dear" Comma after sorry
"Stay otta' there..." presumably should be outta - for both oven and fridge

House above Crono's:  "The King's daughter, Princess Nadia is hard..." Comma after Nadia.

Northwest Residence: "food-stuffs" should be foodstuffs.  "Handi-work" should be handiwork.  "Hey there" should have a comma after hey.

Mayor's house:  "...window up or down, it works..." Comma should be a semicolon.  "You can Use 'shelters' at Save Points, or..." lowercase on use, no comma.  "In these situations your guard is down, and you'll..."  Comma after situations, not down.

Ferry: 'Ticket-master" should be ticketmaster

Lucca's house:  "Oh, hi Crono."  Comma after hi.  Talking to her freezes game.

Porre Inn:  Talking to innkeeper (and saying no) freezes game.  "Costumers" should be customers.  "Inn-keeper" should be innkeeper.  Girl disappears when you sleep, but reappears when you re-enter the building (not sure if this is a bug).

Porre market:  "Welcome, there young'uns."  Comma should be after there, not welcome.  Should be Jeweler and jewelry.  Diamonds should not be capitalized.

South-most Porre residence:  "were" should be we're.  Either commas before like or no commas.

Millenial Fair: 
   Old Carnie, should be a comma after welcome and well, before sonny.  "Upto" should be up to. 
   Little girl:  Should be morning, not mourning.  Young woman next to Melchior:  Lot's should be lots. 
   Cook:  "Rotton" should be rotten. 
   Cat food salesman:  "Alot" should be a lot. 
   Jeweler: "thar" should be that.
   Silver points trader:  Silver points are not taken away - free DarkSaber! 
   Warp area:  "Facotry" should be factory.  Gato is buggy. 
   Bitter Old Woman by steps:  "Valueable" should be valuable. 
   Marle:  Pendant should not be capitalized.  "Armour" should be armor - unless it's European.  The "he might be the man of my dreams" thing is unnecessary.
   Old Man (Lunch guy):  "Sorry sonny..." should have comma.
   Taban:  "Quantum Physics" doesn't need to be capitalized.  Pendant is capitalized sometimes, and sometimes is not. 
   Lucca:  " hang on to it Crono" should be a comma after it.

Chapter 2: The Queen Returns:
Blue Imp:  "Sacrad" should be sacred. 
Crono:  "Amatuers" should be amateurs.  This also seems completely out of character and unnecessary.
Market:  The part about him being a foreigner should maybe be a one-time thing.  It takes too long to get through it every time.
Castle:  Upon first entry, everyone says Crono saved Queen Leene.  "Leene" just calls him a friend.  why do they think he rescued her?

chapter 3: The Queen is Gone:
   Guard outside of Leene's room:  Weird ellipses points.
   Lucca:  "effects" should be affects.
   That the Chancellor is secretly Yakra is another instance where subtlety is lost, especially when he all but says it. 
   Lucca:  "Oh, We're..." We're should not be capitalized.  Completely out of character and doesn't fit context.  She seems gangsta, and not surprised at all.
   Frog:  "Jaded" means exhausted.  Not green.
Inner Chapel:
   Naga-ette:  "...caught snooping around, look..." No comma.
   Note on hidden door:  "The are..." should be there
   Frog before fighting Yakra:  "Honour" should be honor.  "Alot" should be a lot.  "En-guard" should be en garde.
   Yakra:  ...your bloody carcasses, most particularly, YOURS Frog!" should be "...your bloody carcasses.  Most particularly YOURS, Frog!"
   Frog: "(Combine Techs!)"  Some things should be left for the player to discover and not be thrust upon them.  "Whomever" should be whoever.  No comma after Magus.  "immorals" should be immorality.
   Leene:  ...rescue me, expecially you, Frog."  Should be "...rescue me.  Especially you, Frog."
   If you speak to the Chancellor after he's been released, his name shows up as ????? again.
   Lower-right knight in resting area:  "Blashphemous" should be blasphemous.   
   Lucca: "Anamoly" should be anomaly.  "Principal" should be principle. 

Chapter 4:  Back in Time
   Lucca's home:  "oblitterated" should be obliterated.

chapter 5:  The Trial
   Court: "Attourney" should be attorney.  "Trecherous" should be treacherous; comma error.
   Again, I don't think Crono should communicate.  It really talks down to the player.
   Executioner:  "atleast" should be two words.
   Another qualm with subtlety:  The implication that the guards are inhuman by the Omicron (sp?)
   Guards in room before guillotine respawned - not sure what the trigger for this was.
   Chancellor (on way out):  "Sieze" should be seize.

Chapter 6:  The Ruined World   
   Marle:    "Ok Lucca" Should be "Okay, Lucca" -- Okay was used previously, I am going by that standard.
   Marle mentions another dome to the south.  How does she know which direction south is?
   Lucca: "Atleast" Two words.
   In area right of food storage, second room, there is a bright purple Bugger.
   Lucca (after viewing Day of Lavos):  "Existance" should be existence.
   Mirages worth 125 exp each with 5000 HP, mutants worth 250 each with ~1300 HP.  Mirages tend to deal about twice as much damage as well.  This seems unbalanced, unless I am unaware of a weakness the Mirages have.
   Marle, at Robo: "Johhny" should be Johnny.
   Robo:  "Teraflops per millisecond"  FLOPS are FLoating point Operations Per Second.  Remove "per millisecond"  Teraflops should not be capitalized, nor should terabyte or memory.  In addition, the current record is 1.64 petaflops, which is 1640 teraflops.  Maybe increase this number by a few orders of magnitude? 
Chapter 7:  The Robotics Factory
   Robo, after fighting surprise enemy:  "You're" should be your.
   "Maintainance Bot" should be maintenance.
   Robo, after holding door open:  "Recieve" should be receive.
   Lucca, after repairing Robo:  "Alot" should be a lot.

Chapter 8:  The End of Time
   Lucca:  "We're from the Millennium.  Kingdom of Guardia, circa 1000 A.F."  The "circa 1000 A.F." is completely unnecessary.  Firstly because she already said they were from the Millennium.  Secondly because circa means about - they are from exactly 1000, not about 1000.

Chapter 9:  The Village of Mystics
   Bookshelf in Ozzie's house:  'Medina's History" history should not be capitalized.
   Mystic upstairs in Ozzie's house:  "...will find it a trite difficult..."  Trite means hackneyed or overused.   You mean a mite.
   Blue imp in forest before pyramid:  "Sacrad" should be sacred.
   Melchior:  "(Or in the past.)" and Crono's response are both unnecessary.  Firstly because Melchior has no reason to believe that they will meet again in the past, or that they are capable at all of time travel.  Secondly, because Crono can't read thoughts.
   "Rare Red Rock" book in Melchior's:  "Dreamstone is a rare mineral, it..."  Comma should be a semicolon.  "It is capable for..." for should be of.  "Capabale" should be capable.  "Spirtual" should be spiritual.
   "Indestructable Ore" book in Melchior's:  If the entire thing is written in undecipherable symbols, why is the title legible?
   Worshipping henchmen in Heckran's Cave:  "Honours" should be honors.
   Second set of worshippers:  "Holy" doesn't need to be capitalized.
   Aaand, I can't go any farther because when I leave the area the second set of worshippers are through any of the lower exits, the game freezes and the screen turns purple.
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Great eye there! I've gone over that stuff so many times, too.  :oops: Maybe I needed the script checked after all. :lol:
Anyways, keep it up!


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I will just edit my previous post rather than continually post more.