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Is Magus truly a Prophet?

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Maybe there are different magnitudes to the wind. Maybe the wind is an omen of battle, and when it gets strong enough, then that means someone will die.


--- Quote from: Chrono'99 ---
--- Quote from: CTcronoboy ---It does not always portray death, Magus sensed it before they fought at his castle, but no one dies there (or is supposed too, if you don't suck :) ). I have a feeling that certain people influence the wind, but who exactly I do not know.
--- End quote ---

But doesn't the whole castle disappear? That would make a lot dead Mystics...
--- End quote ---

Hmm I didn't think of that. Works for me :)

that or maybe the black wind is a strong sign of bad Omen

It originates from Middle-Eastern lore; it's like to bad aura or wind that blows when someone has died or is near death.

Along the lines of Magus/Janus having psychological problems, the balck wind could be a projection of his psychological state (that may be amplified with his magic).  Sort of like Donnie Darko and the time spears.


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