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Saurian Leathers have a higher Defense rating than Moonbeam Armor, and they increase Strength and Speed +3 - though by the time you get the armor, Crono's Speed and Strength should be **. You get it in the Lost Sanctum.

The only thing for Ayla I found was the Valor Crest. It's one of the last rewards in the Lost Sanctum and is an accessory that boosts critical hit rate and adds a 50% counter rate.

Magus has two scythes, one in the Lost Sanctum, one in the Dimensional Vortex that has 4x critical hit damage. The latter is found in the Dimensional Vortex, in the Present dungeon. There's a Strength Capsule that's sort of hidden - reach it and go south into what appears to be a pointless hole. But actually, it takes you to a hidden area where you can get his weapon.

Dragonhead (helmet) gives higher attack/strength ratings, but lower defense/speed than his Gloom armor. But like Crono, Saurian Leathers is better in every way.

Dark Serge:
Well I finished Lost Sanctum 65,000,000 BC but no Saurian Leathers or w/e yet. Most stuff you find there is crappy btw. Marle's Stardust Bow for example is worse then the old Valkyrye bow. Wtf?

Where exactly is the "Darkness Beyond Time" mentioned in Chrono Cross?  I searched the script quickly and all I found was Marle's line at Opassa Beach:

"A new species is about to be born on this planet -- an alien life-form even more evolved than the old Lavos! At the darkness beyond time, the weakened Schala came under the influence of Lavos, and the two became one entity. It is now up to you, the one whom the Frozen Flame has chosen as its '"arbiter"'... You alone can decide how the new Lavos, which has encaged Schala within it, will evolve from here! Your actions will determine whether in the future all time is devoured by Lavos, sending the world into everlasting death. Belthasar foresaw this was going to happen, in his world in the year 2300. And he was determined to prevent it from happening, no matter what it took..."

Unfortunately, there's no equivalent to that line in the Japanese.  I think it's a clarifying line added to the English translation of that part.  Marle goes straight from the first sentence, about the new lifeform evolved from Lavos into talking about Serge's ability to decide how/whether Lavos evolves (because he's the arbiter of the Frozen Flame).  She does mention that Lavos has swallowed Schala, but she never makes a mention of where this new being is.

The individual party member's lines about the gate consistently refer to it as a gate to the "darkness of time" just like in the English translation.  I don't think the word for "darkness" there in the Japanese ("yami") could be translated as eclipse.  Although, obviously, darkness and eclipse have similar meanings.

I can try to put together a coherent retranslation of Marle's lines here, if you want.

Shinja, you know Japanese?

A hearty welcome to you! We need translation skills all over the place.

Here's a screenshot with "Time's Eclipse" in Japanese.


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