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--- Quote from: ShoeMagus on June 18, 2010, 03:44:44 am ---(I don't think anyone really wants Magus dead in the plot)

--- End quote ---

I do! That bastard killed Sir Cyrus.  

On a less/more serious note: The Lost Sanctum. I have not read all of the pages, but it seems it has not been discussed very much in comparison to Magus and the Dream Devourer.

Upon having slain the monsters in the forest in the past, the first reptite inhabitant to see you exclaims:

--- Quote ---Oh ! Des primates qui se tiennent debout ! Et qui parlent en plus...! Que se passe-t-il ?
--- End quote ---

which translates to:

--- Quote ---Oh! Primates who hold themselves upright! And who even speak! What is going on?
--- End quote ---

Which shows that the reptites of this time and place are not familiar with humans, which is why this person wrote:

--- Quote from: FaustWolf ---The Dragon's Tear is most likely not the same thing as the Dragon Tear in Chrono Cross. The Dragon Tear was a Dragonian artifact, not merely a Reptite's. Besides, those monsters couldn't get the Dragon Tear as long as the Reptites hid in their homes.

Also, if that is supposed to be the Reptites dimension, then why do they act so damn nice towards humans? According to our information, the Reptite dimension is a dimension where the Reptites won the war against the humans, and Lavos never fell. If they would have been at war with humans previously, they wouldn't act so nicely towards them now, especially not ask them favors, OR give them one of their most cherished artifacts, the Dragon's Tear.

No, I do not think that is the Reptite dimension where Reptites continued to evolve into Dragonians and created Dinopolis. I don't know what it is then, but not that.
--- End quote ---

Is it not possible that the eras in which the gates to the lost sanctum are located in the party's world do not correspond to the eras in the lost sanctum?  I would say this is very possible, since the two do not appear to be nearly as separated as 65,000,000 B.C. and 600 A.D.- The links between the two eras are too close.  The sprout that grows into a tree, the preserved artifacts, even the village and its culture seem more or less unchanged.  It appears that a few hundred years have passed at the most.  

It is therefore perhaps possible, that the Lost Sanctum is indeed in the Reptite/Dragonian dimension in which Dinopolis will come into being, so long after the extermination of humans that the reptites no longer remember what a human is and are only familiar with apes; and long before the construction of Dinopolis?

I suppose the real question is: Even if that were the case, so what?

In reply to something posted a few pages ago:

--- Quote from: chronoeric ---And what we've ascertained is that the Amulet =/= Schala's Pendant, and that Lucca did not create the Amulet as the Compendium holds but Kid found it sometime around the orphanage burning, which begs the question - how did Kid survive the original burning of the orphanage since Serge wasn't there to save her? Which relates to your earlier question by further elaborating it - could Amnesiac Magus have saved her?
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Is it not stated in Chrono Cross, that Kid's pendant protects her by means of shifting her through space and time to a safer condition (although hardly seems to work during the course of the game itself)?


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