Author Topic: CT:DS NEW ENDING VIDEOS (Spoilers, dudes and dudettes!)  (Read 4654 times)


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Re: CT:DS NEW ENDING VIDEOS (Spoilers, dudes and dudettes!)
« Reply #15 on: November 22, 2008, 05:19:16 am »
Since I don't have a ds, I doubt I'll be playing the 'extra' stuff, so does anyone know if there's any game dialogue pertaining to further explain what happens to Schala between the Ocean palace and the Dream Eater?  Or are we still just supposed to assume that right after porting people out, a time hole then opens for her and dumps her into dbt where Lavos 'soon' follows?

[quotes] It is absolutely workable into fan projects.     Now we can push forward with clear guidance, though we must be wary of the risk that Square Enix will resurrect Chrono Break. [/quote]

Frankly, I don't see how this is clear guidance anymore than what you had previously.  The one thing I got out of those videos is that Magus dupes himself into a forced amnesia, which is more or less intended to be plot convenience for Cross  (where's Magus for Cross?  He forgot to show up!)  >.>  But I think that could strain the events of Cross even more.  Just because one forgets one's actions, doesn't mean that changes their potential; just about anyone who finds Magus in those woods first is potentially unleashing a threat as potent as Lavos on the time stream.  At least when he was found as a child, he had purpose and motivation, without that, anything goes on who, what, and when finds and taps into his potential.  Heck, considering you can have two Maguses show up at this end time zone either means one of two things:

1)  Kato's just pulling more fodder out of the "every what-if situation is another timeline/world"  bag, which I think is an incredibly lame approach to time/space stories.
2)  That despite Magus' amnesia, he ends up following his previous footsteps and ends up at that point to free Schala (thus encountering himself again), remembering that that was the thing he needed to find, essentially throwing himself into a time-loop.
3) The team was too focused on getting this content in to worry about how Magus could be their twice/ its a game, who cares.

Personally, I find this just digs Kato in even deeper. From what I gather from this:

a) Schala somehow made a massive change of character and wants to merge with Lavos to destroy everything, so then she doesn't want to be freed in Cross  (unless somehow something minor causes her to do another 180 character change, which seems really shoddy)
b) Schala could've just teleported herself out of there in the first place as there is time between when she arrives there and when Lavos joins her. If no amount of time could elapse here,  (considering she already close to losing herself to Lavos)  then the rest of the world wouldn't survive the 20 years that passes. 
c) it doesn't matter because this event is just another "what if" situation  and Cross is another "what if."

I'm glad people are excited and enjoy this, I kindof wish I could (and I hope I'm not dampening moods here) but these Chrono events seem more like its Kato is "what I say goes"  rather than "here's an interesting story I was privy to that was full of interesting characters and places, and I'd like to share it with you."


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Re: CT:DS NEW ENDING VIDEOS (Spoilers, dudes and dudettes!)
« Reply #16 on: November 22, 2008, 12:00:33 pm »
You got your points, and they're not bad, but just for clarification: it wasn't the same Magus, right? Wasn't it Magus from another dimension or time-line--I haven't played the game, so what do I know? Either way, the Magus that loses his memory isn't the Magus from your party, but an entirely different Magus, and he basically strives to find out why he's been put in that time period.
Quote from: Schala in CTDS
It is no doubt but a matter of time before Lavos consumes the whole of my awareness. It was I, after all, who wished it--wished from the depths of my sadness and despair that all that was would be erased.
I guess you could see this as a "what if", but I see it more as a "how come", to Cross's "what if".

Anyhow, I'm not necessarily trying to start an argument, just providing a little bit more information to anyone else reading this.