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I've never emulated DS before, but I'm grabbing the CT ROM. I'm assuming that

* no$gba is the emulator of choice
* I'll need some kind of code or something from gbatemp to play the game
And if anyone has it, a savestate before the Dimensional Distortion would save me some time. Lost Sanctum too...

Sorry to beg, but I just don't have time to do an entire playthrough.

Apparently savestates don't even work on these confounded things; DS emulation isn't quite up to speed yet. There must be some way of trading files though.

I intend to do a full playthrough, but I wanted to wait for the English version to record the Dimensional Vortex and the post-final boss. I'm just trying to rip the new Schala sprites from the Japanese version at the moment.

I see. Maybe there'll be a code function. Yet another CT playthrough with cheating, heh...



Just hit f2 in no$GBA and add each code Separately.

Okay, I've begun playing. I guess I'll go ahead and do a full playthrough, but avoiding spoilers for this long is going to be hell on earth, considering I'm a freaking administrator of the Chrono Compendium...

I'll document all the changes I'll find.


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