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Official CT DS Differences Thread [IMMENSE SPOILERS ON PAGE 5 ONWARDS]

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It seems there's only half of the sentence...

My TBL file isn't complete. Here's a quick attempt to finish that line.

--- Quote ---{Ayla}「キーノ 者
  {Ayla} 死んだり 子供出来たら
  キーノ 酋長。
--- End quote ---


Shouldn't it be 男?

If so, it is same as snes script.

I was looking at the wrong line. I was looking at a line in Tyrano Lair ionstead of the Forest Maze (or whatever it's called now).

The "have baby" thing is in the Retranslation.

i didnt like the script for the ds lol i like the snes 1 better \ ds version was fiendlord this and that


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