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Official CT DS Differences Thread [IMMENSE SPOILERS ON PAGE 5 ONWARDS]

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The game's been released early in Hong Kong, apparently.


People are saying it runs in English if your DS is set to that.

Also, apparently the roms freeze quite a bit.

Gonna get a rom and see for myself.

--- Quote from: Alex Stravier ---Actually, there's anti-copying measures taken in the game, so until it's patched, it's impossible to get past the gate to 600AD; even if you do, the cathedral's organ doesn't open the door like it should.
--- End quote ---


Dark Serge:
Nice! Time to test this shit out. Google ftw.

Playing it now.

I know there's footage of people playing this on YouTube and stuff already, but I'm making a list anyway...

Touch/dual screen controls can be turned off, as well as movies.

...The 5 character limit is still there.
Japanese version can switch between Japanese and English in the configuration. The game runs off of English if your DS runs in that.

"Crono, are you still sleeping?"
Funny how the "Good morning, Crono!" line isn't in it.

Touching the screen when in front of an object/character interacts with them, e.g. Crono closes the curtains.

'Settings' has lots of new options.
Game Mode - Switch between DS and Classic (toggles screen layout).
Battle Mode - Active and Wait.
Battle Speed - 1-8, same as before.
Battle Message Speed - 1-8, same as before.

Battle Cursor Memory - Set cursor memory level (Full, Actions, Commands, Off).
Status Bars - On or Off.
Battle Gauges - Same as before ("Cannot be used in DS Mode.").
Help Messages - Same as before? ("Cannot be used in DS Mode.").

Control Scheme - Edit the controls for A, B, X, Y.
Movement - Walk or Run.
Shortcut Assignments - "Via this screen, you can arrange the icons that are shown at the bottom of the screen as you wander about the world." Allows you quick access to different parts of the menu. Very neat!
Menu Cursor Memory - On or Off. 'Toggle cursor position memory.' Same as before.

Movies - On or Off. SNES purists rejoice!
Window Design - Nothing new here.
Language - JPN or ENG.

Tonics -> Potions

Mayor's Manor contains a document on a bed upstairs that tells you about DS and Classic modes.

Guy in the inn no longer calls you an airhead for not remembering the earthquake. I liked that line. >:
[For the record, I'm not covering the script differences unless it's something fairly important.]

Upon saving the Arena mode became available. From the title menu, I think.

Mentioned elsewhere but Tabs are now 'Capsules'. E.g. 'Strength Capsule'

The kid in the fair refers to Magus as the 'Fiendlord'.

Not a big change, "Beat me up and earn 15 silver points" is now "If you can beat me up you'll earn 15 points"

Warp to 600AD from the fair never ends.

Does this mean we can theoretically put the Japanese version of CT:DS in English as well? That would give us five days' lead time in examining the full game!

Editing my above post as I play, enjoy guys~.

I'll be computerless for a few hours, but I'll be writing this stuff down and posting it up shortly, if it's of any use.


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