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The Mystery of the Black Nu in CT DS

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Dark Serge:
Has anyone noticed the strange Black Nu in the TGS2008 trailer on the Japanese Chrono website? It appears in the new content of the trailer.

Huh... wonder if it's an addition to the main game or part of the extra ending quest.

Boo the Gentleman Caller:
He could be blocking that bridge... Then again, maybe he's just standing there.

Well, it's shown as "Extra Content" on that video and we know you can level up your creatures in that battle mode, maybe he's just a high level, shadow creature? If you watch any of the videos showing the Arena of Ages you'll see some of the enemies in other color palettes...then again, this thing is on a bridge, not in the arena...

I also saw a some strange purple enemy and a yellow ogre in there...this video is full of good stuff.

Captain B:
 I think the purple enemy in question is a blob, as seen aboard the Black Dream. Or at least a recolor of one.


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