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Re: Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version Live -The Release-
« Reply #15 on: November 16, 2008, 06:04:47 am »
It's pretty much common sense.

As long as you make clear acknowledgements for the stuff you used, the worst that could happen is someone gets mad that you didn't ask them permission to use their music or graphics and asks you to remove it. Nobody else will be bothered very much by it.

Now if you emphasize it as a one-man project and fail to clearly acknowledge other people for their work, then some may still be receptive, but there might be some serious community backlash once people start pointing out where the different parts came from, especially if you didn't ask permission.

But then, how clearly you acknowledge people is subjective -- not everyone will agree about it -- which is a big reason why you should ask for permission. That way, even if someone thinks you didn't acknowledge them like you should have, at least you had their permission, and so the community will be a lot more understanding.

In other words, cover your ass. It's so easy, you could have done it by now instead of talking about it.


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Re: Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version Live -The Release-
« Reply #16 on: November 20, 2008, 12:42:57 pm »
ok well im listening to everything at the moment and i wanna go through every song one by one and give a comment. lol. I have been listening to yasunori mitsuda's work for a very long time now and i love hearing reinterpretations and how his music can take different forms, and i absolutely love the piano because i play it. To bad i couldn't be part of the project... :(

tracks; (to lazy to write their titles.)

1. outstanding performance on such a small peice- if it would've featured a metronome or a ticking clock i think it might've been cooler, but then again it also might remove the point of the project lol- and take away from the rapid notes.

2. it sounds like it was done on a bad microphone- or so it seems.... lol This is my 2nd  favorite track from chrono trigger, and the microphone actually gives it a much more cave-like feeling. and i love that feeling.

3. BEAUTIFUL INTRO. the original song itself gives the feeling of a strange nostalgia, but being on the piano with such feeling gives the song a much more different feeling. as if it is a sad person traveling to right their wrongs and find answers for questions that were never answered. Very good.

4. AH GONZALEZ! lol. just like the original song this song is like a merry go round theme at a carnival. wonderful peice and perfect manifestation.

5. it sounds cheap at first but then if you compare it to the original from the game its only like that beacuse of the type of piano playing it. it carries no "UMPH" so it sounds stranger than it should. props to the artist for being able to reconstruct the original.

6.simple lol.

7. MY FAV. SONG; its a song that gives you the feeling that your heading in the wrong direction- metaphorically and in the video game lol. The artist for this song deserves a cookie for managing to keep the same tempo throughout the entire song. EXCELLENCE in other words.

8. the organ in the catherdral played with a new twist, quirky yet not bad.

9. *relives chrono chross victory*

10. DESPISE this song with all my heart. why? lol the "happy twisted pyscho feeling" is the feeling i like to stay away from. its perfect if you managed to make my eye twitch (which it did)

11.promising a time of despair and a race with "big bro" this song can envoke many feelings at certain points in time- truely a mastepeice. kudos to th artist.

12. can say much about this one- its played with a different instrument?(not really) lol

13. bleh, such an annoying song

14. PERFECT- it sounds much better on piano.

15. its like a waltz mixed with jazz (like Treno's theme from final fantasy nine). Though a new breed of music it is still by far awesome in the way it gives of the mischeivious child feeling.

16. Like a man that is angry while brushing his teeth- even on the piano- this song stills sounds like someone should die. another annoying song.


18. one of the more elegant peices from the game- the piano gives it a certain gentleness and sense of fragile woman, who's heart can be shattered by the slightest movement. beautiful peice- i can see the devotion in this peice. kudos to the artist.

19. Again the microphone sounding bad isn't a bad thing. the peice is meant to invoke your nostalgia. with the microphone the piano sounds like it was played on a black and white cartoon show and with that impression- when you remember things to this song, everything you remember comes out black and white. which in hand gives the song much more meaning. smart technique if it was on purpose or not- you just won a cookie (whoever played the song).

20. A tragic end to a much more demented feeling and back to the tragic hero. Beautiful on piano.

21.  this one the quaility doesnt help the song. this is one of my favorites, and since you cant really get the clean bass keys out the song loses alot of its "urgency". though i will say to the artist- though your recording equipment sucked you tore that song up (the right way, as in perfection to the max).

22. niffy tune...

23. "A shadow in the sky in every time period! WHAT?!?!?!?!" The album sure saved one of the best songs for last. This tune not only conjures the great demons on the black omen but has a jazzy tune (thats what makes it awesome)! Very well played. The artist sure was an expert to be able to play one of the most complex songs in the game. prop-kudos-and cookies.

24. if only it was done with much better sound quaility....

All in all i say your project was a good 97% success. almost there but not quite, but hey who gives a damn? eh? its chrono trigger and it is going on my ipod! i will show the music off! ahahahaha!  :lee:   


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Re: Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version Live -The Release-
« Reply #17 on: November 21, 2008, 10:28:24 am »
It's depressing that this was never completed. Truly a shame.

Especially on some of the tracks with lesser quality audio recording. These are all really fantastic, and it's a shame that they didn't get to shine at their fullest. The artists did amazing work here.

Rio Rock

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Re: Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version Live -The Release-
« Reply #18 on: November 25, 2008, 04:10:04 pm »
I'm impressed! Awesome!  :D